Guaranteed Money System Review Exposes Angela Stevens Scam

Guaranteed Money System review exposes the truth about the Guaranteed Money System Scam

It all starts with an enticing mood in fact who would have thought that scammers would now bring in alleged CEOs in bikinis to advance their course? Well this is what the brains behind Guaranteed Money System scam have done. Our readers have been ailing us concerning a lady in a swimming pool who even has lawyers and will pay you $500, 000 if you do not make money with her software even if it was your own failure. This looks like something we would like to sink our investigative teeth into hence the objective and factual Guaranteed Money System review.

CEO: Angela Stevens
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Results from Guaranteed Money System Review

The presentation video starts on a very seductive note with a lady who bares her chest as she talks about making millions in 30 days. This of course we know is part of the plan to get you distracted and instead of asking yourself the hard questions you focus on her.

Angela is a great actor and she starts giving you heaven on earth promises while using reverse psychology like for instance referring to herself as a bimbo and yet her mode of dressing does not speak business. Business deals are not made via seduction. Every smart business person knows what happens when you mix business with pleasure.

There are two things that Miss Stevens says in the presentation video that are a complete giveaway to the fact that she and her team are up to something fishy. First of she says that you will be able to make $5,000 the first 24 hour of trading. This is a big fat lie. Trading is profitable but a newbie learns the ropes and secondly the market is not stagnant and therefore you cannot guarantee the amount of profit to be made. She still goes ahead and tells us that traders will be able to make $1.3 million dollars within the first 30 days of using her software. If this does not happen then she will pay you $500,000 and her “ lawyers “ have drawn up an agreement to this effect.

There is no denying that the $500,000 agreement is just a word article with great font and strange signatures. Anyone can come up with such a document. It should also be known that binary option brokers who are genuine never guarantee  anything but they are regulated so as to ensure minimal risks.

Angela is truly confident when it comes to her acting skills as she brags of the non existent features. She claims to have been featured on MSNBC, Financial Times and Bloomberg. The actual phrase is that these three news sites endorsed her system. Afterall how can they ignore a lady who managed to make over 143 people millionaires and bringing more than $340 million in revenue? So we did an extensive search on the internet and this bore no fruit because Angela was just holding a monologue.

How do you generate over $68 million personally with a website that was registered the last week of 2016?the math just doesn’t add up.

Everyone vouching for the Guaranteed Money System in the presentation video is a fake on a pay cheque. From Angela to the lawyer and yes the friendly butler. Yes even the video and picture testimonials are fake. If you have been reading our reviews then you do remember the Royce Code Scam. well the Royce Code scam CEO is now swearing how he is so “ happy “ with Angela’s software. He is a scam actor who will do anything for a buck.

Who is Angela Stevens?

Angela Stevens is a persona non grata. She does not exist and instead is a role that has been taken by a busty actress portrayed in this video. She gives it her all to ensure that she seduces you into the den of thieves.

Is Guaranteed Money System a Scam?

Yes Guaranteed Money System is actually a Guaranteed Money Scamming system.  No one makes a million dollar in their first month of trading. That is just an outright lie not to mention the hired actors. Other viral scams to avoid – CFD Society and Fintech Profits 

Conclusion from Guaranteed Money System Review

Let us leave seduction for the porn sides. Money is earned through hard work. It is lack of respect to try and entice people sexually so that they can invest their money into a fake project. Apart from that the claims are fabricated. It would be advisable to hold your money back than to lose it to these heartless scammers.

Verdict: Guaranteed Money System is a scam you should avoid

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.

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