HFT Finance Review Exposes John Williams Scam!

HFT Finance Scam Review exposes the Truth about the HFT Finance Scam

HFT Finance is a system that is aiming to exploit you and make you poor and not the rich guy the alleged CEO is trying to make you imagine. Be warned that despite the video being convincing all in it is an imagination of the presenter. The software is said to be efficient and well tested for your sake. To make for you thousands of dollars each month. Don’t be fooled. The aim of the scammers behind the video is to empty all your pockets and leave you penniless in a blink of an eye. Stay away and your pocket will remain intact and sealed. Read our well-researched review to get to know more about these online schemers.

CEO:John Williams
Official Site:www.hftfinance.com

HFT Finance

What HFT Finance Promises

To start with, the alleged CEO claims that the company is more than ready to offer educational and trading training to its clients, all for free. This program is to fully equip you with all the necessary knowledge you need to conduct binary trading business. John Williams is just speaking, knowing that it is totally impossible to offer the trading and educational training for free. People invest many years in colleges just to get the financial knowledge, paying heftily.  He is pulling a gig for he desperately needs the meager salary.

Legitimate money! This statement has been on the lips of the fake CEO. Just to make you believe him. Don’t. He is using the words to lure you to invest. He goes on and adds that you will make this legitimate money from home, at the comfort of your coach. The question is, how can you make legitimate money when the publicist is an act? Don’t fall into this trap.

Binary trading option requires the internet. In the video presentation you are told that all you need is interest. Joining the company is free, at least for the first 30 days. The company is using expensive resources. Employees and infrastructure to run the bot. You joining it for free spark many questions. This is too good to be true.

HFT Finance Scam

You are guaranteed to make between $30,000 to $50,000 in a single month. It makes no sense at all. Experienced traders will tell you the same thing. The false CEO goes on and says that the efficiency of the system is 98.6%. Not even close to the truth. HFT system is binary based thus losses and profits are expected.

The software is also said to be automatic. It will work on its own without your supervision. The video claims that the system generates a minimum of 2,500 trades and out of the trade you win 98.6%.

Proof that HFT Finance is a Scam

This scandalous system has so much in store for you. This is too good to be true. From the unimaginable profits to automation and complicated algorithm. Be on the look-out not to be convinced by this fake.

Is HFT application a charity foundation? Just asking. Why? You are offered free training in trading. This is a big joke. The fake founder wants you to be confident that you will have all it takes to win. Which is a trick. Don’t be lured by this dirty trick.

We are told that the system is 98.6% accurate and automatic. Why then be trained, isn’t that redundancy? These scammers are too lazy not to know that.

You are guaranteed to make huge profits form the system. To be precise between $30,000 to $50,000 a single month. This is too much money to be made within a month. This only happens in acting. As a matter of fact, this is an act, directed by scammers behind the video presentation. Don’t be convinced by an acting gig with cheaply paid actors.

John Williams, the highly hyped CEO is not a CEO just a role in a “movie”. Checking on the internet he holds no position of a CEO in any company. Be aware of this. This means that once you deposit your funds they will disappear and never to be traced for everything is a dummy. From the CEO to the company itself.

HFT Finance Review

98.6% accuracy? Was the system made by intelligent aliens from the other end of the universe? This is just not right. It only takes eyes to see. This is a bot system and as it is well known, businesses can never be this accurate. Other factors must be put in consideration and due to the factors the system can never be this accurate.

Conclusion from HFT Finance Review

The above comprehensive review brings to light all the impossibilities of the system and how all is said about it is not going to happen even in another life. Be on the look-out and stay away from the application. All it wants is to empty your pockets and leave you without a single cent. Other scams to avoid – Tesler App, Nasdaq Inside Trader and 10K Every Day

Verdict: HFT Finance is a Scam. Stay away from it and be financially free and independent.

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.

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