Honest Review: Virtual Income Scam Busted!!

Virtual Income (AKA Virtual Income Incorporated Software, Autotrader and App) is a new binary options autotrader that was launched just recently. The software is presented by a guy who allegedly goes by the name “Henry Howes”. After reading several complaints about this system, I decided to review it and expose the Virtual Income scam before any more day traders can fall for this misleading, fraudulent service.

Official site: virtualincome.co
CEO: Henry Howes

What Virtual Income Promises

 The outlandish claims and promises I found with the Virtual Income scam are quite disturbing. According to the actor who is presenting this application, the reported losses for each day trader are more than $1,000 USD in some cases. The deceptive actor promises that this autotrader can generate up to $10,000 in profits per day, which basically translates to more than $3.5 million USD per year. I couldn’t help but notice how the crook claims that all the traders’ profits were audited and verified by third parties. Kindly refer us to the organizations or third parties that conducted the verification and audit because I couldn’t find anything genuine on the irritating pitch page. Let’s take for example the Better Business Bureau logo. The pop-up just wont go away until you provide your email, and the stupid “6 membership spots left” you find on the second page of their offer is rather dubious. It is quite obvious that this service is not registered with the Better Business Bureau and it is not registered anywhere in the world.

My Opinion on Virtual Income Scam

I noticed several disturbing issues when I visited the home page of the website that is hosting the Virtual Income scam. On the website, there is a banner claiming that there is only one spot left. I bet it’s hard to take the spot. But what I want to draw your attention to is the room where the guy presenting the service is coming into. The guy doesn’t even bother to introduce himself and doesn’t give us his name, which is probably a warning sign. When I did a search on the company he is representing I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Now, pay attention to the room in this video. The picture hanging on the wall, the stuff you see on the table. This is the exact same set that was used on the scam production called the Amissio or Amassio Formula about a few weeks ago. If you visit the website of the Amissio Formula and take a closer look at the video you’ll notice the exact same items on the table, the hanging picture on the wall is the same, and the air conditioning control unit that’s next to the picture. It’s just a different actor this time. There’s really not much on the page apart from the video and the registration form.

The actor is only trying to convince you to sign up and claims that he is able to make $2,500 dollars a day, while talking about making big money guaranteed every day. That is a warning sign because anyone who guarantees you big money everyday is a big warning sign and a red flag that you should avoid. There’s also a claim that they never lose, which is the same thing the Amissio Formal was promising and which I know is pure BS. I hope this is enough proof that the Virtual Income software is a scam.

Conclusion on The Virtual Income System

The Virtual Income software is a SCAM application by all means. It contains all the signs of a very misleading and deceptive service. If this service was genuine, you would at least expect the company to provide a social profile or some contact information of the person who developed the system or any person who is in charge of the system. Unfortunately, there is no way to confirm if the alleged founder is a real person, and as with most scams out there the only reference you will find about the founder is on fake review sites that are promoting the Virtual Income Scam.

Verdict: Virtual Income is just another Big Scam!

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