My Honest TrianaSoft Review Exposes This Miserable Scam!

TrianaSoft is a binary option trading bot that was released into the market just over a week ago. The application was developed and is presented by Michael Wedmore and David Campbell. The service is promising big things in terms of the profits that it can generate for its members. With an alleged guaranteed success rate of not less than 92%, some members who have already joined the system have allegedly earned thousands of dollars within their first few months of trading. Given that binary trading scams are popping up almost everyday, I sought to investigate if TrianaSoft is a scam or software that actually works.

Official Site:
CEO: Michael Wedmore and David Campbell

First Impressions from My TrianaSoft Scam Review

In my bid to establish whether TrianaSoft is a scam or a legit binary options trading software, I first visited the official website. My first impression of the site was not impressive at all because the website looks unprofessional and it resembles most scams that I have previously reviewed. The annoying pop-up I found on the website that is hosting the application claims that they already have over 17,000 members, and more members are in queue. I found this hard to believe that within a couple of days so many people have been deceived. I can debunk any claim and any fake testimonial and pictures that have been posted on the site, as I have lots of experience reviewing such filthy scams. Just by looking at the You Tube video that has been embedded on the first page, I found that only slightly over 600 people have watched the lousy video. Anyone with a sane mind would expect the video to have gone viral up until now, especially if you consider the number of so-called members they have managed to attract so far.

What the TrianaSoft Scam Promises

When I critically evaluated what this  bogus service is promising and the claims they are making, the more I was convinced that TrianaSoft is a scam. Basically, traders only need $250 to register and become members. The service claims that it guarantees high payouts of up to 92%. It also allegedly offers one-on-one professional guidance, market reviews and analyses, and free trading signals for traders. According to the service, some members invested $250 USD and within a few months they are making hundreds of thousands of dollars using the application.

While all these may sound fancy and lucrative to the untrained eye, I don’t buy it this pile of horse manure. There is no real evidence or proof to back all these lousy claims. Additionally, there is no explanation on the strategy that this application is using to generate the winning trades. In my very informed opinion, these are just empty promises that are designed to lure you into depositing $250 in the system. I beg you not to try it because you will lose your money as soon as you have made the deposit.

My Findings that Show TrianaSoft is a Scam

I found concrete evidence to prove that TrianaSoft is a scam. Let us begin with the terrible acting skills displayed by David Campbell, the alleged head of research and development. My overall assessment of the guy’s acting skills was not promising at all. In fact, the guy was a shame to watch. I figured maybe it’s the guilt he has knowing very well that he was paid to act and deceive unsuspecting potential traders into getting into this scam. I tried to find him and his partner (Michael Wedmore-the former hedge fund manager) on social media platforms and authority websites but I could not find anything that associates them with successful binary trading, let alone binary trading. I only found their names on reviews that are promoting the service. Even on their website, there is no way to contact the two binary trading gurus, which is very troubling.

Additionally, the pictures of the alleged software members are also fakes and their identities are fakes too. Take for instance Hannah Wood who allegedly hails from the UK and has made a fortune using the system. I did some digging about her and guess what? She is not real.I found the same picture on a number of websites under different names. In one of the pictures I found, she is actually going by the name Sandra Harris. I figured out this is a stock photo that was purchased for the sole purpose of the fake testimonial.

Conclusion that TrianaSoft is a Scam

TrianaSoft is a scam. You can be sure you’ll lose all your money if you just try to sign up and make a deposit of $250.In fact, these guys are only after the $250 dollars that unsuspecting traders will deposit and then they disappear with your money.

Verdict: Avoid the TrianaSoft Scam unless you want to lose your hard earned money


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