How To Buy Bitcoins – Simple Guide For Beginners

Once you are ready to get started with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency the first question is usually How do I buy Bitcoins? or Where do I buy Bitcoins? There are alot of different places to buy bitcoin and below I ill give you a few of them. Some people have a preferred payment method so that might determine which method you decide to use. Before you buy Bitcoin you will need to have a wallet. If you are new one of the easiest to use is CoinBase which I also talk about down below as it can be used to buy smaller amounts Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

If your still not sure what Cryptocurrency is and you landed on this page randomly then you can check out my Cryptocurrency 101 post here as well.

So where can you buy Bitcoins?


Site –
Payment Methods – Bank Wire, Paypal, Cash

This site is a person to person bitcoin trading site with people from countries all around the world who buy and sell bitcoin. There are many different options from bank transfers to paypal and even meet up in person. On the site you have the option to filter by the method you would like to buy through and then it will display all the people that accept that method. You will notice that the prices are different for each seller as they set their own price and it will also vary depending on payment method as methods like bank wire or paypal incur fees while meet up in person to echange cash for bitcoin has no fees.

Local Bitcoins

Exchanges / Wallets

Site –
Payment Methods – Bank Wire or Credit / Debit Card

Some wallets like Coinbase that also offer exchange services allow you to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin directly through the wallet. This is a very easy way to buy Bitcoin and are good for buying smaller amounts but they do have limits so once you want to buy bigger amounts then you might need to look elsewhere.



Site –
Payment Methods – Credit / Debit Card

This is another site I have used and found them very easy to use. You just verify your account and then you can buy Bitcoin with limits that are alot higher than Coinbase or any other method that accepts Credit / Debit Card.

Coinmama Buy BItcoins

Bitcoin ATMs

Site –
Payment Methods – Cash

This option gives physical ATM machines where you can feed in cash and get Bitcoin sent to your Bitcoin wallet. The process varies from machine to machine with some of them requiring you to  be verified before going to the machine but most you can just walk up and pay for your bitcoin. You can see a list of all Bitcoin ATMs on

Conclusion on How to Buy Bitcoins

I will add more methods as I try them out myself but I think from the options above you will definitely have enough to get started. If you have any questions or anything you think would improve this post then please let me know in the comments down below.


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