Ice 9 Technology Review – Sophisticated Stinking Scam

Scam Alert: Ice 9 Technology, is a sophisticated and stinking scam by Aaron Palmer 

Today post is an Ice 9 Technology Review. Ice9 a new binary trading system launched into the market a couple of days ago, is one system that’s already causing havoc and financial ruins amongst traders who have already tried it. Confirmed sources indicate that this new viral and malicious service is being pushed heavily through mass email spamming to unsuspecting day traders. To save you the trouble of falling into their devious scheme, please read on this unbiased and hard hitting review and see why you should not dare sign up or deposit any money with ice 9 technology scam and auto trader. I have to warn you in advance contrary to what is being promised this service has several misleading and deceptive claims and facts. Don’t even buy into the positive reviews praising Ice 9 Technology. My facts will prove otherwise. Let’s jump in

Proof of The Ice 9 Technology Scam

On visiting the I was not surprised to see that unlike other scams out there which seem to have basic websites, this one has a highly developed website which makes detecting if it’s a scam pretty hard. However after listening to their lousy presentation from a guy with a suspicious and foreign accent  I was able to discover several scam and mind maneuver tactics designed to hypnotize you and I into depositing money. Further the website besides being highly developed is also slapped with fake testimonials, fake time counters and widgets suggesting that this is a sophisticated scam of the highest level.

Ice9 Technology Fake Actor

To begin the main issue I have with this trading platform concerns the two people behind this system. Although we are being told about their successes and experiences within the Wall Street and the binary trading arena, there is no information to suggest that they exist. My painful and thorough investigation could not find people with such names on the internet leave alone their contacts. This only leaves me with no option but to state that these guys are hired guns whose job is to act and mislead you in this lame production

The claim that you will make at least $1700 daily or $8700 weekly is bogus and bullshit. Those in the binary trading arena all know too well that binary trading market is awash with risks and as such independent and expert traders advise traders to do their research well before they invest. Likewise the wild claim that their Ice 9 technology  has a success/win rate of over 90% is another false statement designed to make you believe that Ice 9 technology system is a safe and reliable trading app but you couldn’t be further from the truth. If you listen to the founder, you will also see him contradict himself on his system`s win rate. Throughout the stale presentation they have not shown us how we can achieve such win rates all what is being said is how rich and successful you will be with this dummy and scummy bot. Furthermore the endorsement from Forbes that Ice 9 is a cutting edge trading platform that will transform how binary trading is done is nonexistent and false. There is no such endorsement and connection between Forbes and this bogus system anywhere and a quick Google search can confirm so.

Ice9 Fake Social Profiles

On further scrutiny, I also discovered that those testimonials found on their websites are not real. Those Facebook and twitter comments, testimonials and updates are not live and if you try to click them they will take you nowhere. My question is; if these people have been so successful with this app what are they hiding about them? Lastly the aging pop up that keeps on coming after every few seconds is a further proof that the people behind this people want just your money and nothing else.

Conclusion From My Ice 9 Technology Review

All in all Ice 9 technology system and auto trader looks like a decent system on the surface but I was not born yesterday to realize the whole  setup is crap and is stuffed with fake testimonials, unrealistic and devious claims ,promises and statements, fake time counters and widgets. For all intent and purposes, I strongly urge you not to dare sign up or deposit any money with a loser scam like Ice 9 technology

Verdict: Ice 9 technology is a stinking scam you should avoid.

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