iCoinPro Review – Useful Cryptocurrency Education Platform or Scam?

This is an old article and I no longer use iCoinPro

In this blog post I am going to talk about something new that there has been alot of buzz about and that is iCoinPro which claims to be a Cryptocurrency education platform to help teach you everything you need to know about making money through cryptocurrencies. If you have been on my blog fro more than 5 minutes then you will know I am a huge advocate of making money from cryptocurrencies as this is an industry that I feel is going to change so many aspects of everyone’s daily lives and you should know more about it.

The Basics

  • CEO: Paul De Sousa
  • Website: iCoinPro.com
  • Product: Cryptocurrency Education
  • Cost: $39.95 per month with 6 month and 12 month options which make it slightly cheaper

My iCoinPro Review

Before I jump right in I do want to say upfront that I am a member of iCoinPro which I feel gives me an advantage in my review as you will see in my videos below I am able to walk you through the complete back-office to show you exactly what it is all about. Form everything I have seen and experienced with the system it is a very solid education platform that can teach you everything from the basics of cryptocurrency right up to the more complex aspects of the industry. Check out my icoinpro video review below which walks through the complete back office to give you a full view of what it is all about.

What is the iCoinPro Training

iCoinPro Core/Basic Training 

The basic training consists of everything from an introduction to Cryptocurrencies right through to wallets, ICOs, mining and details on how to avoid scams. You will also see me walk through this in the video above

iCoinPro Training

iCoinPro Advanced Training 

The advanced training is where things go up a notch and the training starts to dive into blockchain technology, things like Smart contracts and has individual sections on some of the most popular coins then.

iCoinProAdanced Training

Micro Profits System

For me the Micro Profits system is the real cherry on top as in this part they teach you a complete simple strategy to trade cryptocurrencies yourself. It is called the micro profits system as it is based around earning small gains on a consistent basis. In this part there is a video walking through it all and also complete step by step screenshots showing you how to do everything on the exchange Poloniex.

iCoinPro Micro Profit System

Below are some of the FAQ’s about iCoin Pro

Are there weekly Live training’s?

Yes there are 2 live training’s every week which are available to all members through their back office.

Is there real owners behind the iCoinPro System?

Yes the main guy who set it all up is the CEO Paul De Sousa who is on every company webinar and you also see him very active on the company Facebook group. If your not in the group yet let me know and I can add you in.

Is iCoinPro another Cryptocurrency coin?

I know the name might be a bit misleading but no iCoinPro is a training platform that teaches you all about cryptocurrencies and how to trade them rather than been an actual coin itself.

Is iCoinPro a Scam? 

In my eyes no it is not a scam as unlike alot of companies in the cryptocurrency space they do actually offer a genuine product.

Can I make money without recruiting?

Yes it is possible and in my case I already have over 200 people in my matrix from spillover within my first 20 days but nothing is guaranteed and if your only reason for joining is to earn money from spillover then I don’t recommend this platform for you. So in short yes its possible but don’t count on it.

Is iCoinPro available in the US?

Some crytptocurrency products are limited in the US but iCoinPro isn’t and it is available in almost all countries around the world as far as I know.

iCoinPro Affiliate Compensation plan

I have purposefully left this until last as I find that way too many people are just concentrating on the compensation plan and not concentrating on the actual value that iCoinPro deliver. The comp plan that they offer is also very attractive and has many different aspects. I will give you the basics below and then talk about the compensation plan in dept in my video review.

..Video will be added here soon..

iCoinPro Affiliate Ranks

Inside of the iCoinPro compensation plan, there are 6 ranks you can hit:

  • Unranked affiliate – You start here when you first join at the monthly rate
  • 1 Star –Refer 3 members you hit 1 Star
  • 2 Star – Have at least twenty members across your downline which can be personal or members your referrals brought in. If you join at the 6 month option you automatically get this level with no requirements to have recruited anyone. NICE incentive!
  • 3 Star – Have at least 100 members across your downline which can be personal or members your referrals brought in. If you join at the 12 month option you automatically get this level with no requirements to have recruited anyone. NICE incentive!
  • Star Elite – Have at least 500 members across your downline which can be personal or members your referrals brought in
  • Star Presidential – Have at least 5000 members across your downline which can be personal or members your referrals brought in

Powerline Commissions

When you join iCoinPro you are placed in a straight-line queue which is called the powerline which is filled up by everyone who joins the company. You get paid on up to 5 Powerline positions below you no matter who enrolls that person and each of these people is worth about $1.20 to you.

These are paid monthly for all active members.

Fast Start Bonus

The fast start bonuses is basically an affiliate commission you get on every person you refer into iCoinPro. Below is a screenshot of what you earn at each level.

iCoinPro Fast Start

Residual Commissions

The residuals commissions are paid through a 2×14 matrix compensation plan. The matrix is filled with all of the members that you personally refer and you can also get spillover from your sponsor or anyone else above you in the matrix. You earn 2.5% on every member that falls in your matrix weather you referred them or someone else did

As an unranked member you earn on 10 levels, as a 2 star member you earn on 12 levels and as a 3 star you earn on the full 14 levels.

Matching Bonus

There is also a matching bonus part of the comp plan as well where you earn a percentage of what the people you refer earn. For people that are good at recruiting and can recruit other that also go out and recruit this is a nice aspect of the plan and really encourages you to help your help which I like.

iCoinPro Matching Bonus

Conclusion From My iCoinPro Review

At this stage you will know that I do like what Paul and his team at iCoin are offering. They offer goodtraining material on all things related to cryptocurrency and also teach you how to trade using their own strategy called the Micro Profits system.

Click the banner below to visit the iCoinPro website and lock in a spot

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If you have any questions just let me know in the comments down below. Also if you are already a member of iCoinPro please feel free to share your feedback

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