Instant Cash Club Scam Review

Instant Cash Club review exposes the truth about the Instant Cash Club Scam

Instant Cash Club is a new auto trading software widely spread. However, it is just a scam. Made to steal your money. The presenter in the video praises the efficiency and accuracy of the application. This is too good to be true. Be warned and stay away from this bogus Instant Cash Club system. The guy in the video is just a hired actor paid to lie. He also appears in another scam called Altronix. Be sure to lose your money as soon as you deposit it with this fishy software. To avoid future headaches read our comprehensive review about this scam and the unrealistic promises they offer.

CEO: Jim Robinson
Founder: Thomas Jordan
Official Site:

Instant Cash Club CEO

Results from Instant Cash Club Review

Instant Cash Club

Jim Robinson, the presenter in the video falsely claims that the system is 100% autopilot and will for sure make good money for you. He allegedly says that this binary option trading application can generate up to $5,000 in just 8 hours by making a deposit of $250 only. In addition Robinson, the paid actor, is claiming that they will make you a millionaire in just 6 months. The information provided is unreliable and should not be believed. Experts in binary trading know better that it is rare to even make $900 in a day, making $5,000 would never happen as Robinson is telling us it is possible.

Again it is impossible to be a millionaire within 6 months when you started with an initial deposit of $250. This is a typical money stealing scheme. Depositing with it is throwing away your hard earned money. Big money can only be made by big investments and reliable trading instruments not this Instant Cash Club Scam.

Robinson is really desperate and is using all means he can to get newbies to sign up and deposit with him. He is claiming that there are only 30 spots left and is urging you to quickly sign up to avoid being locked out. This is a marketing trick trying to make you sign up as fast as he wants you to. For sure you want to know why he is pushing you this hard to sign up quickly. People have known that he is a scammer and only wants to do away with their money.

If this system was real then it could be everywhere on the social media and on web pages of renown media houses. Making you a millionaire in just 6 months? But this is not the case. Searching the legitimacy of Instant Cash Club System on the internet is to no avail. The only thing we could find are the negative reviews and negative feedback from those who gave it a try and lost their money.

Checking the age of with the famous online domain checker we find out that the site was registered on 2016-09-20. On the other hand the other paid actors are saying that they successfully banked $1.5 million for the past 6 months. How could they make this amount when the company was not in existence even 6 months ago? The site is just a month old. Don’t believe a single word said by these paid actors who are lying to earn meagre payments.

In the presentation we are told about the software, not how it works. We are also told how life will be good if we register with the software. If the Jim Robinson System was living up to its name then Robinson would have given us more information on how it works. Him not saying much about the software makes him fishy and suspicious, there must be a hidden agenda, he is planning to steal your money.

Instant Cash Club Scam

The testimonials in favor of this scam application are nothing more than paid actors. They are as bogus and fishy as the rest of the actors. Also, random images have been downloaded from and manipulated to act as testimonials. This is unethical. The presenter is trying to make the application believable by using fakes. Be warned and stay away.

Who is Jim Robinson??

Jim Robinson

He is just a promoter talking highly of Thomas Jordan and Andrew Haines the alleged owners and founders of this scandalous system who are also stolen identities. Jim is a fictitious character for he is not on any social media platform. He is not to be trusted.

Is Instant Cash Club a Scam?

Yes it is, a big one. From the above well explained facts we rightfully term it a scam and warn you from associating yourself with it. Don’t even dare open their spam emails.

Conclusion from Instant Cash Club

The alleged CEO of this system was a scammer in another video presentation. In addition, the video is full of fakes. Testimonials, identities, claims and false credentials. This is enough to give you reasons not to sign up with the system. This is just another scam like AlgoMaster 2, 24 AlgoTrader and Gemini 2 which I recently reviewed.

Verdict: Instant Cash Club is a scam and I hope you haven’t been caught

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