Intellix System Review Exposes Jeff Blumenthal SCAM

Intellix System Review exposes the Truth about the Intellix System Scam

Are you looking for a credible binary trading system? Well. We have valuable advice for you, don’t choose Intellix System. It is one among many others made with the intention of stealing from you. It is also known as Neuro System. In the few minutes video presentation the viewer is promised more than can ever be achieved with the bot robot. This makes the system lack credibility and seen as fishy. Registering with the vague system is wasting your precious time and energy. Don’t dare, you will lose your hard earned cash.

CEO: Jeff Blumenthal

Official Site:

Results from Intellix System Scam

From the video presentation you are promised more than you have ever imagined. This is a clear indication that the alleged CEO is only trying his level best to have you deposit your cash.

You are told that you will be financially free because you will make good money and be stable. Well, this is just a trick to attract you more and make you imagine how free you can be and the way you are going to spend your easily earned money. To say the truth you can’t easily make such money.

The alleged CEO is claiming to have a team hoping to make himself credible. Is he credible enough to be believed? Of course not a chance. You should not even dare register for the team is his fellow scammers hungry of your hard earned cash.

The CEO is telling us that the system has never lost even a single trade and your trade can never be the first to be lost. This has never happened, a bot system not making a single loss? Only profits. Jeff’s application raises questions that can’t be answered. Bot robots are binary thus can never have such accuracy. The alleged CEO is overstating its accuracy to have your attention. Don’t give it to him.

The System has made a total of $2.4 million for its clients over the last 1 and a half years. What? That is impossible magic. The application was just launched recently according to How comes make such money in 18 months. Think twice before believing the guy.

Who is CEO Jeff Blumenthal?

Jeff a CEO? No way. He is a voice narrator hiding behind the words on the screen. He is just a scammer working for a big crew of other scammers who desperately want your money in that they have to lie to get your attention. However, they will get none because you now know better, thanks to our efforts.

The image that we are shown in the video presentation is not his, it is a photo from used by other companies and people to promote their products and services. The fake picture is also a clear indication of how the fake CEO is treading carefully because he knows he is lying thus will not want to use his real image, he will be traced with time.

He is a CEO, right? He is expected to be all over the internet. But that is not the case. He is hiding and not giving any contact information.

Is Intellix System a Scam?

Yes, a shameless one. From the many unrealistic figures, cooked profits, a CEO without an image or contact information. This is just too much. Tread carefully unless you want to fall into a pit.

You are guaranteed to make profits of $10,000 daily without fail for the rest of your days. Thanks to the foolproof system. Don’t be carried away by this big fat lie. It is impossible to make such an amount in a single day using bot system. Genuine bot robots can only make a total of $800 in a day but greatly rely on your initial deposit. Don’t be fooled.

If this wasn’t a scam the name Intellix System would be all over the internet and most importantly be in the most renowned business databases, unfortunately that is not the case. The company generated $2.4 million last year, it should be all over. Don’t pay attention to any more lies from this company that does not exist. It wants to steal from you.

A good trading system has a history, however this one doesn’t. In addition there is use of actors as testimonials. They are there to lure you into depositing. Don’t try.

Conclusion from Intellix System Review

The father of fakes, Mr. Jeff confirms to us through his many tricks and lies on how it is just impossible to achieve all he just said. Believing him is suicidal. You will lose your hard earned money within a blink of an eye. Staying away from him and his weird non-working tricks and unplanned thoughts is the best thing you could ever do to yourself and your cash.

Verdict: Intellix System is a Scam that must be avoided like plague

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As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.

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