Leaked Profits Review Exposes The Frank Bishop Scam

Leaked Profits Review exposes the Truth about the Leaked Profit Scam

Who calls a software Leaked Profits? A scammer. It is such a lame name. The alleged CEO who we will talk about in detail in a short while must have thought it as the most influencial name that will catch the attention of viewers. However, that is not the case, it caught our attention and had to undergo thorough scrutiny to determine whether it is as beneficial as it is claimed to be. We found out it is not. We warn you not to be involved with this system. It is a money making scheme for the scammers behind the scenes of the video presentation. This scam is a relaunch of Hexa Trader scam software.

CEO: Frank Bishop
Official Site: www.leakedprofits.co

Results from Leaked Profits Review

First you are told that you don’t need to have knowledge concerning the binary trading system. It is easy and doesn’t need an expert to benefit from it. You are also told that you will be making lots of money without even lifting a finger, the software can operate in the autopilot mode.

To tell you the plain truth it is a big fat lie. You need some little knowledge to reap from the bot system. You also need to supervise the application to yield as much from it. Don’t be convinced that you will not take most of your time to trade with it because it is a trick; they just want you to deposit with the system then do away with your money.

The system is very effective. The fake CEO tells us that it operates on a frequency trading algorithm which is very high and transacts in a matter of milliseconds. Dismiss the statement. It is an allegation form the CEO who happens to be a fake.

The application is said to have an efficiency of up to 97.2%. This means that in every single trade you are guaranteed to win by the said ratio. You can only lose 2.7% of the trade but as the CEO says what is that in comparison to the won trade? Don’t be fooled by this cooked efficiency. Not bot robot is this efficient when it comes to trading. It is a man-made thing and can never be this good. It is one of his old-fashioned publicity tricks. Don’t fall for it.

Who is CEO Frank Bishop?

Leaked Profits Review

He doesn’t deserve the title. His right title is an imposter. He says that he formerly managed a hedge fund in the Wall Street. He goes on and claims that he has done masters in Economics. He is such a joker. So much in so less. He must be an actor from Fiverr.com.

His net worth is over $240 million, so the video claims. How comes we have not heard of him. He must be among the most influential people on the planet but that is not the case because he is reading a script. Don’t believe a single word from him.

The way he talks about himself he must be famous and must have appeared on magazines and newspapers but he is nowhere to be seen. He is a CEO, he should be an ambassador of his brand. He should be all over the internet on social media but our search bore no fruits for he is not on any of these networks. A clear indication that he is a cheat and doesn’t want to be traced.

Franks goes on and adds another title to himself. He claims that he is the Best Selling author and has written a book known as Happy Lucky and Rich but our search for this book and the author was to no avail proof that frank is feeding us with lies.

Is Leaked Profit System a Scam?

Yes it is a shameless one. It is filled with lies and unrealistic profits and results. Depositing with it is burning your hard earned money with the hope of getting profits from the ashes. Stay away from it and be safe.

You are guaranteed a profit of $6,000 in a week all the weeks. The CEO associates the amount to the best programmers and financial analysts he has employed. This is so unrealistic and untrue. Not genuine bot robot can make such an amount in a week. Genuine bots barely make $800 in a day how comes this one makes such an amount, these are fabricated amounts to lure you register. Don’t dare.

Leaked Profits 1

Leaked Profits Testimonials

We come across fake testimonials who are meant to make the system seem credible. Don’t be deceived, they are actors from Fiverr.com just like their CEO.

Conclusion from Leaked Profits Review

Working with the system is a waste of time and money. It is not appealing in any way as a credible software where one can at least reap from deposits. The only thing you are guaranteed is losing your money. Stay away and be safe.

Verdict: Leaked Profits is a Scam meant to steal your money

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.

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