Lie Detector Millionaire Review | Most Dangerous Scam In 2016?

Lie Detector millionaire, LDM, auto trader is the latest binary trading system to enter the market in 2016 and has already hit the wrong headlines owing to the numerous complaints coming from the users who have tried it. In order to find the truth behind these complaints I sought to find out if this viral binary trading app is another scam or the real deal. Before you invest your money in this system please read this honest and unbiased review and find out why Lie detector millionaire is easily the most dangerous scam I have witnessed in 2016 and why you should avoid it by all means.

CEO / FrontMan: Mr. Daniel Wilkins
Official Website:

After landing on the official webpage of Lie detector Millionaire I immediately saw why so many people have fallen for this sophisticated scam. Unlike other scams which come loaded with the usual sales hype, untold fortunes, naughty exhibitions of the customary mega mansions, expensive cars   and the odd private jet, this one has gone a notch higher by adding another spice – the Hollywood swag

The alleged CEO a Mr. Daniel Wilkins, is first seen taking a polygraph test from a partly hidden retired military general, a Mr. Jonas Kane. What I found unusual though is that this test was taken for the purposes of proving that Mr. Wilkins is not lying about his newly found riches thanks to his binary trading system. What follows though, is typical of similar scams: promise of untold riches and lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams

Proof that Lie Detector Millionaire is a scam

Now for some evidence that Lie detector is nothing but smoke and mirrors service designed to rip you off clean and dry .Lets start with the CEO Mr. Wilkins.

Mr. Wilkins is a fake. Who is this Mr. Wilkins who walks and travels around with a camera crew filming his bogus lifestyles and riches? The guy is a fake. Period. Even after conducting a thorough search on California business directories where he says his business is located and registered I couldn’t find either his business or his contact details. Regarding this lie detector military general, Jonas Kane, I feel there is no need for him to conceal his face or not tell us more about his life and service to the nation. I tried searching for him as well and I couldn’t find him either. He doesn’t have any address, no social profile on LinkedIn or Facebook, no business and is not even registered with Better business Bureau!! Mostly likely Jonas Kane is simply a cheap actor who couldn’t cut it in real life so he sells his soul for just $5

In the video one of the most ridiculous features mentioned in the presentation is the Profit Protection feature meant to “protect traders from losing their money”. ‘I smell a rat here. A big fat one for that matter. Mr. Wilkins through his wildest and BS imaginations wants you, without questioning, believe the simple fact that ALL your profits are safe and that you can’t lose money with this loss-proof feature. To be very honest, this is easily the single most useless claim I have heard since the age of 8.In the binary trading market or in any other business there is nothing like it!

I also dug deeper into the site in my quest to find more red flags. Even more shocking is that Lie Detector domain- was only registered about a year ago going by the Who. is search records. This simple discovery also places the results of the CEO and his beta testers into doubt automatically. Otherwise how were they able to generate such impressive results for three years when their system was only registered this a year ago.

Even more disgusting and annoying is a pop up that keeps reminding you that there are only  fifty available  spots left  yet  when you sign up you will notice on the 2nd page that there are only 2 spots left. Again on this second page you will find pictures of several testers. With confidence I have to say these images are fake and probably stolen or bought online. See one of them below

Conclusion on the Lie Detector Millionaire Scam

Due the  to the many complaints  fueled by this viral  and high-risk trading system plus the solid evidence(fake pictures, fake identities, un-matching  dates, impossible promises and the like) revealing that LIE Detector  millionaire is a hoax I have to warn you to stay away. It’s sad that I have to write another review upon review on bogus binary trading bots such as LIE detector millionaire system but my job is to see you not falling into yet another lousy but avoidable scam. As you can see the people behind these scams are becoming clever and sophisticated than ever .If you have not yet signed or deposited your hard earned money with Lie Detector Millionaire service I warn you not to. Find something else to do with your money.

Verdict: Lie Detector more Hollywood fantasy than a legit binary trading system!!

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