Lucrosa Review Exposes John Lucrosa as a SCAM

Lucrosa is a SCAM and in my detailed review I prove it

A dangerous scam by a guy called John Lucrosa and awkwardly dubbed Lucrosa Software is a fresh binary trading app that is going viral and causing mayhem in its wake. This alleged money minting  software is  being promoted as the perfect software that can change your life for the better but the opposite is true. This is especially true considering that I have been flooded by emails by concerned readers and subscribers asking if this software is genuine. As someone who relies on binary trading income I cant just let this pass and not investigate. Yesterday I decided to have a second look on this software and what I found on my Lucrosa Software Review will leave you shocked. If you had considered investing in this piece  of auto trader I suggest you read my review to be safe.

CEO: John Lucrosa

Scam Proof From Lucrosa Review

Upon visiting the official webpage of Lucrosa software I was met by a presentation from John Lucrosa which starts and ends with a concoction of lies. First of the bat, John Lucrosa doesn’t exist and is in fact a made up character hired to execute this mad scam .As matter of fact this is even stated in their disclaimer page and privacy policy page which states that “the Lucrosa video is a work of fiction and was produced to portray the potential of the Lucrosa 3rd party signals software. Actors have been used to present this opportunity and it should be viewed for entertainment purposes.”

John Lucosa

In essence this means that John Lucrosa, the video , the beta testers, the testimonials and everything else shown in the video is fake and will not take you anywhere. On top of  that these morons are very clear that this video is for  entertainment purposes and should therefore not be used  as proof for past, present or future successful trading. This statement is just crystal clear: stay away from this crap!!

Take a look at the live trade results below. They are showing all these winning trades but if you look at the date the 20th of August was a Saturday and the markets are 100% closed on Saturdays so trading is impossible.


As  you have seen its very clear that the presentation is a falsehood for the sake of entertainment but the  fact of the matter is that  the creaters of this video did not just make it for entertainment purposes. The aim is to make you register and deposit cash without reading their privacy statement. By the time your cash is gone it will be too late and you will  have nowhere to run to. This is quite common amongst scams being launched daily

Will this software make you money? Hell no! There is no way a fake trading app will make you even a single penny. Once you register with this auto trader they will  quickly link you up with an unregulated and shady broker who will force you to deposit at least 250 dollars so as to start trading. You will be fortunate if he doesn’t force you deposit more than this. In some cases you will be demeaned in an effort to extract every coin you have in your pocket

And how will lose money when the win ratio is given at 98%?One of the tricks employed to great success is the promise of a no risky system that works like clockwork to spit profitable signals. If you have been in the industry  you should  be aware that even the best software in the market has and never will  achieve such win ratios. So all this guarantee of pure profits is just crap shit meant to entice you to their shady service

Don’t be fooled for a second that those beta testers have made any money since they made it very clear in their privacy statement that this  Lucrosa software video is for entertainment services. This is especially true when you do a background check of these successful  beta testers` images and pictures. It wont take long to notice that all these images were stolen  from the internet  and their owners are not aware that their pictures are being used for fraudulent activities and without their permission. This is a clear crime and the whole website is guilty of criminal acts and copyright violations

Lucrosa Testimonials

Conclusion from Lucrosa Review

You don’t need a second look to know that Lucrosa software by John Lucrosa is a silly scam whose master minds are all to happy to inform you that you are about to be conned big time. Right from the presentation and the disclaimer, its clear that Lucrosa software is an evil scam that will ruin your financial situation.

Verdict: The whole Lucrosa system is a Scam fronted by an actor calling himself John

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There are 100s of scams in the marketplace and as you will see on my blog I have tested alot of them. From all my testing I only found a few that ever made me money and I have them listed on my tried and tested page here

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