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Magnetic Profits is yet another binary options trading software that was launched just recently. The system was developed by David Silversmith, one of the successful online trading gurus (I can’t verify this). Given the sudden increasing popularity of binary options trading software, I sought to conduct an in depth investigation in order to uncover the truth on whether the Magnetic Profits software is just another scam or it is a legit options trading system.

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CEO: David Silversmith

First Impressions from My Magnetic Profits Review

My first impression of the system are that I think Magnetic Profits is a scam. The official web page looks very unprofessional and looks like a bunch of high school students just decided to develop a website for their school project. Sincerely speaking, I had to ask myself why the creator of the system would set up such a poorly crafted site if he claims that the application can make so much money. In the introductory video on the site, there is an unsubstantiated claim that some users of this system are raking in up to $224,330 USD per week, which to me sounds rather odd and therefore fake. Although Mr. Silverman sounds very confident when making these claims in the video, I find it hard to believe anything that he says for a number of reasons. The fact that I can hardly lay any credence to any application that promises to make you millions of dollars within an unrealistically short period of time is reason enough for me to believe that the Magnetic Profits signals is a scam.

What Magnetic Profits Promises

When I take a closer look at what Silverman is promising that the system can generate in profits, the more I am convinced that the Magnetic Profits platform is a scam. To begin with, Mr. Silverman claims that his system is the best auto-trader robot in the market because it is better automated. The system’s developer makes numerous unsupported and suspect claims and promises. At one point, he says that anyone can generate at least $5,000 USD per day using the system. However, it beats logic and common sense that a system that can generate this much in profits can have such a poorly designed website. The guy also promises that he offers a $50,000 USD money back guarantee to anyone who will use the system and fails to make the kind of money he is promising his system can make for you(How can  a sane man fall for this ridiculous claim!!!).

Exposing The Magnetic Profits Scam

There are numerous red flags to give you a hint that the Magnetic Profits system is a scam. For starters, the purported developer of this system does not exist. In fact I tried to look for any sort of evidence to suggest that such a person exists and to my utter surprise, there is none. Any genuine developer of a trading system like this would hardly hesitate to reveal his/her real identity because if it is a genuine thing, anyone would be proud to be associated with it. I even went as far as checking some of the most renowned authority sites on financial markets and I could not find any person with this name. That simply means that the name is fictitious and non-existent, a sufficient indication that the Magnetic Profits system a total scam.

Main Spokesman is a actor –

Magnetic Profits Scam Fiverr Sctor

The fact that online trading still entails the complex financial markets, it is okay to assume, from experience of course, that the common and experienced trader has the potential to make close to $10,000 USD every month. Although there are certain occasions whereby some investors can make upwards of this figure at the end of the month, it likely never happens unless the traders are millionaires from the word go. Therefore, by claiming that someone can make more than $200,000 USD in a month using the system, it raises many questions and red flags, which further confirms that the Magnetic Profits platform is a scam.

Conclusion on Magnetic Profits Scam

The bottom line according to my assessment is that the Magnetic Profits application is a scam. It claims to makes totally outlandish and unattainable profits in the real world. The purported developer of the system is a fake too. This is a binary system that should be avoided by any sane person at all costs.

Verdict: Stay Away from the Magnetic Profits Scam

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