Methodox 2.0 Review Exposes Scott Sholes Scam!

Methodox 2.0 review exposes the truth about the Methodox 2.0 Scam

Methodox 2.0 is a big fake. Why version 2.0? They are trying to tell us that there was a previous version of 1.0 thus they have made big progress in terms of what they are offering to you. Methodox 2.0 is another binary option trading robot. The alleged CEO is speaks highly of himself as the top programmer and describes his partner as an analyst. All these are lies, in fact he knows nothing about programming and the only thing he knows is how to be an amateur actor. It is a software specifically designed to make you and other investors at least $632 as claimed by the alleged CEO. Sholes, the fake CEO goes on and says that the application is for free and only has a limited period for banks are bidding for the software and want to use it to make profits for themselves.

CEO: Scott Sholes
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Results from Methodox 2.0 Review

In his promotional video Scott Sholes claims that the servers of his software are directly connected to the servers of big organizations in the binary options industry. This way you are guaranteed of the end results for you see what the big organizations see. He is trying to assure you of the outcome. This is a sure way of making an extra coin for the decisions you will make are greatly influenced by the analysis of these big firms. These are mere lies told by Sholes. No financial firm will ever let such a thing happen. Their databases are heavily encrypted and no one can easily compromise them. This is unreliable information and makes us suspicious about the legitimacy of Methodox 2.0 System.

The fake CEO claims that he was the head programmer in a big firm and his partner Mark was an analyst therefore they came up with a sophisticated algorithm that could make right predictions from the data got from the database of the financial firms. No software is that accurate and reliable only to make predictions that result to profits only. These are empty words meant to distort your thinking and lure you to throw your money away in the name of investing. Don’t dare.

As seen from their website their members make a profit of $632 dollars daily. Sholes is trying to make you imagine that you will make the same amount if you invest with them. The big question is don’t these people make losses? Don’t be fooled by these empty promises. How come all the members make the same amount of profits while they made different initial investments? This makes no sense.

Sholes the alleged CEO is contradicting himself. He is saying that you can make up to $370 per day while on the website it is written that you can make up to $632 per day. He is unreliable where it comes to sharing important information like profits made in a day. This is enough prove that he is pulling an acting gig. Stay away and be safe.

In the video presentation Sholes says that the application is free as long as your application is accepted. We can see that he is hiding something by saying as long as the application is accepted. What if your application is not accepted? Will you be forced to pay for the application? Be warned and scrutinize the words used by the scammer. This is a company misusing the binary trading option, taking advantage of newbies and wants to siphon their hard earned money. Be wise and stay safe.


methodox 2 Review

Methodox 2.0 uses many endorsers who are nothing but hired actors from They have been paid to speak of how the new version of Methodox has improved their lives and got them out of financial constraints. Also, there are images stolen from them internet just perched with names and unrealistic words concerning the capabilities of the application.

Who is CEO Scott Sholes??

Scott Sholes methodox 2

Scott Sholes is a hired actor, playing the character of a fake CEO for a fake firm. There is no way you can get him. Nowhere to be found on social media. Is this how a CEO should act, unless he is a fake? Stay away from this person who knows not what it entails to be a CEO.

Conclusion from Methodox 2.0 Review

Methodox 2.0 is a money making scheme for a few, the owners of this Scam. Investing with them is throwing away your hard earned money. Not common people like you. Stay away and be safe.

Verdict: Methodox 2.0 is just another dirty scam you need to avoid

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