The Midas Method System and Auto Trader is a SCAM!

Released just a couple of days ago, Midas Method system is yet another trading bot promising a life of riches beyond the imagination of day traders. According to its alleged owner a Mr. Ryan Anderson the system is supposed to bring in $1350 daily in pure profits automatically. At least that’s what Mr. Ryan Anderson claims in his presentation. Unfortunately when I investigated carried out my Midas Method Review I found there is nothing like Midas touch in this outrageous scam edition of Midas touch software. Please read on and see why you should not bother investing your hard earned money in this blunt Midas method app.

Ceo: Ryan Anderson
Website: or

After visiting their official page and watching their wretched video I have to say the approach employed is too familiar with all other scams I have reviewed previously; hype, bizarre claims, faked screenshots, fake time counters and widgets.

My Proof that The Midas Method is a scam

To start with the alleged Mr. Anderson who is supposed to help you make pure profits through Midas method system is faceless. We only get to know about him through the voiceover. I don’t know about you but there is no way I can trust my money with a service whose founder is nonexistent. The guy is completely new and unknown in the binary trading sector and every piece of the information available in the internet is only about his dummy app. I also find this guy quite brainless when he claims that last week alone the system was able to generate over $2,000,000 in pure profits for its members. If you check the domain for his website on you will quickly discover that it was only registered on 28th April, 2016. Dont you think this defeats logic. I think it would be extremely impossible to enroll so many users in just a few days to generate such colossal profits. It smells like scam manure and it likely is

Although the figures he presents in the video look impressive they are faked and intended to make you feel like you will find some success with Midas touch. The claim that these figures have been generated from an initial deposit of just$250 doesn’t add up. In the binary trading marketplace there is no way you can generate such huge sums of money from an investment of just $250 not even with a magic wand. The claim that you will get instant $250 for free when you sign up is a devil`s trick intended to force you deposit money with this service. There is nothing like free money,  in fact the moment you sign up and get this FREE $250 you will not be able to withdraw or trade with the software until you deposit at least $250. Again any losses will be taken from your deposit but not from the said bonus. If you do actually make money with Midas Touch the bonus will keep your money locked in so you will never be able to withdraw it.

Another piece of evidence that confirms the Midas Method scam is about the dates. If you look closely at the date on one of his trading account you will see something curious. While his account indicates the date as Wednesday, 29th April if you check this against your calendar you will quickly realize that 29th April was on a Friday further proving that this income screenshots were poorly photo shopped. As I have pointed out before The Midas Method is clothed in nothing but scam features and pressure tactics to force you deposit money with them. The fake time counter and widget alerting you that only 20  membership positions remain is false .If you attempt to refresh your browser  today or any other day I’m 100% sure  you will still find another 20 spots still available. Don’t be fooled these spots are infinite. Eight minutes left to sign up? What a silly joke! Likewise the trust badges found on their scummy website are not clickable. They`re just decorations and have no genuine connection between McAfee

Sadly even the system that is supposed to make you money is a fake. Actually the software shown in the presentation closely resembles the same system that has been used in other scams such as FREE Money Guaranteed and Fast Cash Formula. The people behind this shady scam were even so lame that the only thing they changed in this dumb system was the logo!!

Conclusion from my Midas Method Review

It’s so crystal clear from my Midas Method Review by Mr. Ryan Anderson that The Mida Method is just another scam. The whole crap system is full of scam features including bizarre claims, faked screenshots, fake time counters and other black hat tactics. I caution you in advance to NOT dare deposit your money with such a wretched and doomed system

Verdict: The Midas Method by Mr. Ryan Anderson is a wretched scam!!

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