Midnight Money Machine Review – SCAM by Jeff Farrell!

Midnight Money Machine Review – By Jeff Farrell The Fake CEO Is A Dirty Scam

The name alone should you make shiver. Released and founded by a faceless guy calling himself Jeff Farrell, Midnight Money Machine is yet another binary trading software and auto trader promising to change your fortunes overnight. However in my review I have discovered glaring evidence to confirm that Midnight Money Machine and auto trader is an old and rehashed piece of garbage that is used by many  scammers to steal money from day traders

Website: midnightmoneymachine.com
Ceo / Spokesperson: Jeff Farrell

Proof of the Midnight Money Machine Scam

Let me start with this alleged owner of Midnight Money Machine and CEO of JF Media. Although there is a company by that name, it’s not in the business of binary trading and is not headed by a Jeff Farrell. The alleged CEO, Jeff Farrell is a fake. My search on the internet did not bring  any results concerning this guy. No twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook profiles for Jeff Farrell. Further no one knows about him in the binary trading market. I also found it very unwise for them to use a voice over for the whole video presentation and only use a stock photo as a picture of the alleged owner. What are they hiding? Even more pathetic is that their website looks very horrible and looks like it was put up by high schools kids or cheaply paid Fiverr web designers. With all their money I wonder why they could not invest in a proper website!!

The bogus claim that he has been working on this binary trading software and solutions for the last five years for private clients is a familiar story line used by scammers to dupe people. Further the assertions that his system delivers the best results at night is a clever ploy to trick people into believing that his system is a reliable and legitimate service but the truth is that you will dearly lose money with this binary app . I also wonder where they  have operating from considering the domain for Midnight Money Machine was only registered on 18th May 201!!.Does this not raise a serious red flag about their legitimacy?

On visiting the official webpage of midnightmoneymachine.com, I found several testimonials slapped on the website and unfortunately they are all fabricated. Take for example the picture of the guy on right, his real name is Tom and is unaware that his picture is being abused for a lousy binary trading scam. Again the testimonial given by Boyd Hessing is also the same testimonial given by Daniel KR2. Likewise if you look at the dates below the testimonials you will realize the dates are conflicting and this makes  me wonder how they made this money even before the existence of this software.

 midnight money machine Review

 Even more blatant are the results shown by Farrell. Those who have experience trading in binary options all know too well payments come from the broker not from the system utilized for trading. Just like has been the case with many other dummy binary trading  softwares  released recently  ,Midnight Money Machine is also a clone and dummy software copied from  Midas Method and Free Money Guaranteed further confirming that we are dealing with a very dangerous scam here.

Besides this binary trading app and auto trader that promises to generate $1,579,51 a night should not be trusted because this is just a BS  claim meant to trick you into buying Jeff`s hype and scam. Those in the binary trading know very well that such figures are unachievable not even with the guaranteed win rate of 100% promised by Jeff Farrell. Secondly the binary trading market is a volatile one; its influenced by many elements so just doesn’t dream this piece of crap will transform your life in just a midnight!!

Conclusion From My Midnight Money Machine Review

From my review I have found nothing legitimate, honest and believable in Midnight Money Machine. The whole system and video presentation by Jeff Farrell is full of misleading claims and facts, pressure tactics, fake testimonials among others. I take this moment to warn you not to dare sign up or deposit any money with this loser binary trading app and auto trader

Verdict: Midnight Money Machine by Jeff Farrell is untouchable scam

Make sure you check out my full scam list and also my trusted signal services before you join anything to do with the binary options trading world as 95% of everything you see are just scams.

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