Millionaire Shield App is a Scam? Results Inside..

I’m not going to waste your time and I’m going to tell you straight up that the millionaire shield is a SCAM! Yes! It is, kindly take your time to read my full millionaire shield app review because if you sign-up, you’ll surely lose your money.

The image shown on of their CEO Steven Hulsman is just another picture downloaded from ( Now, let’s apply a logical reasoning for a minute here, if the millionaire shield app was so promising, one would assume that the owner would be proud of his innovative venture and identify him/herself, instead of hiding behind a fake snapshot, as reviewers and traders are aware, the binary option market is undergoing a heavy disorder. The financial crisis in Greece, the devaluation of the Yuan, the problems in the USA, all of these events have had a negative effect on the market. Now, millionaire Shield app is supposed to be able to lead us through these hard times, showing us a way to profit from the downfall of others and a way to cash in while others are panicking. Sure, most traders, even the strictly newbies, know the old saying “Buy low, sell high,” but to openly encourage people to gain while others are losing is a nasty way to go.

Millionaire Shield Scam

The claim that this Millionaire shield app can produce a 97% win rate in trades is just crazy out of it, even newbies to binary trading must realize that this figure is just another mirage in the air and part of the scamming rip-off that is being perpetrated by the millionaire shield app owners. The claim that this millionaire shield app scam claims to be able to earn a profit of $6,200 to $7,500 per day is so much of a lie. Most new trading systems will claim that a trader can earn that much in a week – but in 1 day, oh please, we are not daft enough to believe that!

To further complicate the issue, the founder of this millionaire shield app scam claims that this Millionaire Shield app can actually predict the next global financial crisis, whether it is with the Yuan, the Euro, the USD or the Yen, by using its new and updated algorithm. Even though the Millionaire Shield Signals App has appeared in the binary options market quite recently, the millionaire shield app review from reviewers are warning all traders not to trade on it, mainly because the millionaire shield scam claims about the app are just too extravagant and unrealistic.

My Video Review on The Millionaire Shield Scam

The team behind the scam tells us that they can revive our dreams of becoming a Millionaire through their millionaire shield app. It is a bit cruel of them to raise peoples expectations high and to offer unrealistic hope. The so called Future Proof System is just been overrated. The Morgan Stanley reports that 16 million dollars is there for the taking, left over from the latest market fall is more blather – Mr Steven Hulsman says he is a philanthropist, but he is no more a philanthropist than any salesman trying to get rich quickly. Not only is this an irresponsible comment, but all the actors in the testimonials who agree with it are Very Bad Actors. The millionaire shield review is one hell of scam, asking traders who have had some experience using this millionaire shield app to send their stories to review sites, so that they can develop a fuller picture of what the Millionaire Shield app is all about. The millionaire shield app is definitely a scam, just like Automated Cash Signals was. Don’t fall for these fake promises of making easy money. If you want to enjoy success with binary options trading, you need to be smart and patient.

Conclusion on The Millionaire Shield

Yes I believe this is definitely a scam and you should avoid it. I will be adding it to my growing list of Binary Options Scams Here

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