Mobile Binary Code Review aka MBC SCAM

Mobile Binary Code Review aka MBC by Howard Kessler which is a Twisted Scam using an actor we have seen before

This morning I have just been alerted by a concerned reader regarding the Mobile Binary Code System, owned by a company called MBC capital who’s CEO goes by the name Howard Kessler. To avoid further doubts  amongst my readers and new day traders I have done my due diligence and investigated this binary trading code, the owner and the company behind it and can now confirm that the mobile binary code by Howard Kessler is a useless piece of deadwood whose intention is to steal money from unsuspecting day traders and new investors. In my MBC Capital review I expose the scam with all the blatant lies, dubious claims, and other whole lot of scam features regarding this binary trading system to conclude that mobile binary code is unreliable and should not be trusted even for a single minute.

CEO: Howard Kessler

Scam Proof From My Mobile Binary Code Review

Perhaps the most factual and vital piece of proof that new day traders should be aware of  pertains  to the alleged owner and the CEO of MBC capital, the company behind the mobile binary code app. On visiting the official webpage of this trading app I was met with a tirade of nagging lies and dubious statements outlining how these magical trading system employees a litany of sophisticated cellular engineering injected in the binary trading market place whose purpose is to bring accuracy and precision. What a load of bullshit!On top of that the owner goes on to tell us how this system was coded with joint efforts from various traders, software engineers and data analysts for automatically analyzing  safe positions whilst instantly calculating risks and rewards automatically on your behalf. For newbie investors a day traders, this very well sounds like a fat chance but please don’t fall for this trick

My major issue regarding Howard concerns his authenticity. Although he says that he is the coo of this company and that he has been trading for several years, he is still the same guy who went by the name Larry Landers in another recent trading scam christened Profits Unlimited which left people with great agony and sever financial losses. Even the MBC app which is supposed to make you these impressive figures offers identical incentives and bogus sentiments as Profits Unlimited which raises a serious red flag to its reliability. I have to say the sharing of conflicting identities by one person is enough evidence that mobile binary code is damaging enough for this pathetic app

Mobile Binary Code Howard Kessler

We also seen this actor calling himself Larry Landers in another Scam called Unlimited Profits


Let me assume for the sake of fairness, that we were not aware about the double personality of Howard and further scrutinize this trading app in an effort to determine its credibility. I was able to uncover more serious red flags when I attempted to find the legitimacy and location of MBC capital, the alleged birthplace of Mobile binary code app. A quick Google search reveals there is no company by such name. There is no address, location or any other detail regarding this company plus there is no info to indicate this is a registered and regulated financial trading company. Once again this is a case of a trading fraud schemed under the guise of a non-existing company. If Howard can lie about the origin of his firm, then you really need to ask yourself what other misleading features he is no telling us. In retrospect I’m not shocked of its nonexistence after proving its CEO Mr. Howard is complete fraud and paid actor well known for promoting such money stealing schemes

Even making matters worse, the whole mobile binary code presentation and production is loaded with several misguided claims and features embedded for extra persuasion whilst giving investors a fake sense of minimal risk whilst deliberately overlooking to disclose important facts. By offering matching bonuses to new members, you are being duped into believing that he is doubling your money which is not the case plus there is no way you will be able to withdraw that money or trade with it right until you fund your account and you meet the minimum trading volume threshold.

Mobile Binary Code Testimonials Finally when I take a look at the MBC testimonials I can see that they look like straight up stock images and after a quick Google search I can see that yes the Mobile Binary Code Testimonials are all fake and use stock images.


Conclusion From Mobile Binary Code Review

The MBC Capital app and auto trader is a worthless and twisted piece of scam at its best loaded with innuendos, dubious claims, fake identities, scary tactics all hell bent into stealing money from unsuspecting day traders. I strongly advise you to stay away from this twisted and evil scam

Verdict: Mobile Binary Code is a dubious scam that you need to avoid

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