MockingBird Method Review | MockingBird is a Scam!

Here comes another SCAM called the MockingBird Method Yes! It is, ensure you read this full MockingBird method review because if you don’t, you will surely get added to the list of their scam victims.

First Impressions

Mockingbird Method is an auto trading binary options software. Daniel Marland and Steven Wilson, the so called developers of the claims that this software guarantees 92% success rate, based on 8,791 trades taken. According to him, the mockingbird method is going to trade on your behalf, and make daily profits of $1034. The mockingbird method is based on a pattern repeating algorithm software. So far so good, everything sounds very nice and perfect but the thing is that as this mocking method review will show below that this is just another formulated lie because the probability of actually reaching such large sums of money within seconds by using their bogus auto-trader is unrealistic and impossible.

My Finding / Proof That MockingBird Method is a Scam

After watching the MockingBird Method review video on their website, we immediately recognized a well-known Fiverr actor as their main presenter who must have been paid to act this mocking bird scam, check the image below and see do you recognize this face??

MockingBird Method Fiverr Actor

Not left out in these mockingbird method scam are two other Fiverr actors who gave fake testimonials, recognize these images below.

MockingBird Method Fiverr Actor


MockingBird Method Fiverr Actor

The developers behind the MockingBird Method Scam use the services of these actors to display formulated testimonies in order to promote their worthless trading systems in hopes of attracting traders into making a financial mistake. Because the creators of are fully aware of the auto trading production’s inability to achieve any profitable results, these guys behind the mockingbird method scam will now resort to misleading and taken some deceitful measures and strategies with the sole aim of brainwashing the public with lavishing dreams of financial freedom. If you scroll down their platform below the registration area, you will find a “Newest Members Area” filled with fake customer experiences testifying how the mocking bird method changed their life. During the mocking bird method review, some Google searches was made, we even all six of the member’s pictures with word-for-word plagiarized texts on a different webpage called which is also a scam site. This is evident that anything related to this mockingbird method is fabricated to look authentic but in reality, is a lie, another scam.

Steven Wilson claims that this will be their third time releasing software for beta-testing in the past year, but according to a WhoIs.Net lookup, Mocking Bird Method’s domain has only been around for 2 months. In addition, Daniel Marland attempts to persuade traders to “act now” in signing up for free before increasing the price to $1000 per license. These alone should bring a mind with logical reasoning much doubt about mockingbird method. They are only misleading marketing tactics to look as if the crooks behind the MockingBird Method scam are doing you a favor by offering you an exclusive chance for financial independence at no cost. Steven and Daniel give us their “cast-iron guarantee” of achieving vast economical advances in their Mocking Bird Method Review.

MockingBird Method Conclusion

Daniel Marland and Steven Wilson do not offer a legitimate trading application and no proof of any persons with their given names in the binary option industry. With fake identities and deceitful customer testimonies, there’s no doubt that the mocking bird method review has shown that the mocking bird method is being 100% worthless and is now added among the ranks of harmful scams in our Blacklist. If you’re a newbie in binary option trading, it is better you make a frequent visit into our site and ensure you check our Black Lists of scams to protect yourself and your money from scammers present everywhere. Investing with Binary Options is a quick way to make substantial amounts of money but it is important you join a reputable Trading Services with a good reputations.

Thank you for reading our Mocking Bird Method review. We are here to protect you. Also feel free to share this to help save others from these scammers too.

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