Money Mentors Club Review Exposes the Full SCAM!

Money Mentors Club Review Exposed!! Dirty software reviewed as a saucy scam

Also known as MM Club the money mentors club system by Peter Haines and Jamie Perkins is a fresh money minting scheme which was developed by dumb scammers with a tons of cash to spend on the production as the video looks very expensive as you will see once you visit their official website. Luckily this app has been brought to my  attention by one of my readers and before it causes harm, I have  done due diligence  and in my money mentors club review I have discovered irrefutable evidence to confirm that money mentors club is a saucy scam.

CEO: Peter Haines and Jamie Perkins

Scam Proof From my Money Mentors Club Review

Upon visiting the official website of  money mentors club I found the video presentation impressive and persuasive enough especially for new traders and investors. It’s very clear that this production was  carefully designed to appeal to people who know nothing about trading or those people looking for an opportunity to make money online. I have a feeling this app with the way it has been packaged will go viral soon and wreck serious havoc in its way, so if you are already reading this, you need to refrain from this service and also inform your friends and family members to desist from investing in it. Please be informed that most of the reviews about this app are quite positive an indication that these reviewers have been bought. Just don’t be fooled!

MMClub Actor

In my investigation of this trading app I discovered that  most of the people found in the video are paid actors starting with one of the founders ,a Mr. Jamie Perkins. This scumbag is a  well known scammer and actor whose name remains anonymous. He is also the same scumbag who presented a lethal app called Algo Cash Master a few weeks ago. So this alone guarantees that Money Mentors is a creepy scam.

As you have noticed, everything about the money mentors club  does not add up,not when they lie so much on camera about the millions they have so far made with this bogus app. According to the domain for this app was only registered a few days ago leaving me to wonder  how they made all this millions!

Other than that, in the presentation both owners, Peter Haines and Jamie Perkins claimed that money mentors club will train you on how to get out of debt, quit your dead end job  by giving you the tools and the resources to make serious money through a  unique binary options trading software that I widely used by top traders at Wall Street. The truth of the matter is   that all what you will get is a dummy account, connection to a rogue broker and the result is heavy losses and a blocked account. Essentially we are being lied to in a very big way and there is no way you are going to improve your life in any way. The opposite is  what is going to happen

Not only all the scumbags in the presentation are paid actors but also all the money mentors club testimonials are fabricated. Stock images are employed widely with  inflated numbers and stories

Money Mentors Club Testimonials Money Mentors Club Testimonials Money Mentors Club Testimonials

Oh! The other sad truth is that Money Mentors software which is supposed to make you money is  cloned and a replica of other  scam softwares  loved by scammers. This crap is not a genius piece of binary software but a dead wood with nothing new to offer in the market! Likewise the numbers being promised are not achievable and anyone with a sane mind should be aware that there is nothing like a zero loss system and that binary trading requires significant  wealth of knowledge and risk taking. Expert traders also warn that you should only invest what you are prepared to lose. The promise of a free access is a straight BS since you will need to deposit at least $250 if you want to trade with this system.

Conclusion From My Money Mentors Club Review

Although Money Mentors Club has an impressive presentation, there is nothing to suggest that it is not  a scam not with so many lies, misleading facts, faked testimonials and hired actors whose identity remain anonymous. For all intent and purposes ,be wary of MMClub software and finder a better way to invest your money

Verdict: Money Mentors Club is a Scam or in other words MMClub Scam

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There are alot of scams out there and hopefully you have found my site and this review before you got caught. Don’t forget to check out my trusted signals systems which are all tried and tested by me with published results

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