Multiplexer System Review Exposes Richard Ewing Scam

Multiplexer System Review exposes the Truth about the Multiplexer System Scam

The Multiplexer System is a binary trading software allegedly developed by Richard Ewing. Emails are dropping in concerning this viral automated system. This review seeks to give factual evidence to help readers see the system for the fresh scam it is. The difference between this system and other scamming systems is that it is an application and not a piece of software. The guys behind it say that the application has been engineered to precision hence its great accuracy. Infact they claim that the Multiplexer system is 98% better than the rest of the binary options trading systems available.

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Results from Multiplexer System Review

According to Richard, the Multiplexer system was developed specifically for the end user so that they are able to be in complete control while trading. How is this achieved?  By the application seeking trades and then automatizing them for the user. Infact they claim that there are traders who are making a whopping $7000 daily from the Multiplexer system’s live trading signals.

All that traders need to do is get plugged into the trading signals that are live. They will start getting real time alerts. In short there is no need to spend time learning the hurdles of binary investing. The other thing that according to the application’s developers will take away all a newbie’s stress is the automation feature. All you need to do is sit down and let money “flow in”. This is alleged to be the factor that makes newbies “flood” the system daily.

According to Ewing, his binary trading system is 100% accurate. So what remains is for you to make crazy loads of cash. Why is this application so successful? Well according to him it is all due to fast data circuits incorporated into the system. How much is crazy money? Well they say you can make $20,000 in 24 hours and they don’t have VIP slots. The millionaire program is open to everyone. Ewing wants to make you rich for free.

We like looking at things indepth. First and foremost Ewing claims that their trading tools have data transfer methods that are superfast. Infact they say it is faster than the Wall Street Exchange. So question is if you are faster than Wall Street then what exactly are you trading in? What they are claiming is not possible not even when you are using auto trading software. It is also a well-known fact that trading goes through brokers and they will have to take time opening trades so super speed is fictitious.

The next factual thing that we counter Ewing’s falsity is that there is no such thing as 100% accuracy when it comes to trading. Time and time again scammers have used this lie of super accuracy levels to siphon money from ignorant newbies.

Ewing of course has ensured the presentation video is long enough hoping that he will be able to convince you to yield your money to him. He really tries to sell the point of automatic trading. All you need to do is have complete trust in his robot. So why is it that even reputable binary trading sites will tell their clients that the trading process is only reliable to a certain degree? What makes Multiplexer 100% accurate?

Richard Ewing used to be working for CNN but he left his prestigious career and with his godmother’s magic wand, he became the king of binary trading.  It is quite shameful that many scammers, Ewing included always want to associate themselves with genuine established corporations with the aim of making the public believe them. In short they really like receiving money under false representation. A search on Google reveals that Richard Ewing has never worked for CNN. The only media coverage he has gotten is on KVVU-TV’s site but there is a disclaimer that reads SproutNews, Frankly and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith. SproutNews is an online content marketing site. So Ewing paid for his system to be marketed. No CNN affiliations here.

Multiplexer System

Who is Richard Ewing?

Richard Ewing is a fictional character created specifically for the promotion of the Multiplexer scam. How do we know that Richard Ewing is a scripted role? Well take a closer look at the Profits Infinity scam. The same guy playing Richard Ewing is now called Mark Bromovich. Genuine things don’t need actors.


Is Multiplexer System a Scam?

Yes Multiplexer System is nothing more than a scam. Not even algorithms can operate at an accuracy level of 100%. What about RTC protection? Well this a whole load of BS. Algorithms cannot make a decision as to what is a good or bad trade. I’m classing this as a scam just like the Orion Code which is extremely viral at the minute so make sure you avoid it as well.

Conclusion from the Multiplexer Review

This scam is spreading all over and unfortunately there are guys who have been paid to promote it via social media and professional sites like LinkedIn. There is no accountability just coercive language to get you depositing.

Verdict: I hereby find the Multiplexer System a scam and you should avoid ti and warn others.

This dangerous scam is going to be added to my Scam List and hopefully you got this review before joining. If you are looking for something to earn money then I keep a list of the systems I have tried and tested here and I only add systems that have made me money to my Trusted System List.

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