My First Online Payday Scam Review: Dirty Scam Exposed!!

My first online payday application is an auto trading system that has recently hit the binary options industry. It was introduced by Jeremy Mathews, an alleged successful online trading guru. The guy claims that the system was created with the user in mind and can completely control the binary options trading process. According to some of its alleged members, you can earn up to $2,985 a day by using the trading signals that the software will provide. Now, this sounds all very appetizing if you are looking to make money in the binary options trading business. But I think that there is something sinister with the whole service that it is really a dirty Sacm. Keep reading for some compelling evidence!!

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CEO: Jeremy Mathews

First Impressions from My First Online Payday Review

On the cover, I must say the developers of the website that is hosting the My First Online Payday Scam were very creative. They did a good job to disguise this service as a legit system but I started suspecting it was a scam when I tried to navigate through the links and pages on the site. Nothing on the website works, besides the area where you need to provide your registration details to sign up and start the process of becoming a member. To the untrained eye, it would be difficult to suspect or even detect that My First Online Payday is a scam but you need to avoid it like the plague.

What they Promise

When I looked at what the guys purporting to promote the system are promising or claiming to have been achieved by their new software, I did not see any major difference between them and other binary options trading scams out there. As an experienced researcher, I would instantly tell you that the application presented as My First Online Payday is a scam from the ridiculous claims and empty promises that they present.

There is a prominent display of an offer that says you will get $50 free just to start, i.e. sign up. Nothing in life comes for free! On the website, there is also a clear statement that says you are allowed to play with the free $50 and any profits you will make are yours to withdraw. But this is all part of one big fat lie.

If you’ve had some experience with the binary options trading business, you may already be aware of the fact that some brokers will offer you a gift in return of your loyalty. This simply means that once you accept the gift your account is restricted and you will lose the authority to withdraw until you reach a certain volume of trade. However, you don’t see any information on the My First Online Payday website about the trading volumes you are required to achieve in order to start withdrawing. It is very misleading and sinister to offer money without clearly explaining to potential investors about the requirements that accompany the supposedly “free” money.

Exposing The My First Online Payday Scam

It should be plain to you that what we are dealing with here in the name of Jeremy Mathews, My First Online Payday is a lousy scam. The guy is a testimonial actor that has been paid to lie and come up with crazy promises and claims on He is  in the actual sense a guy who is paid to act out convincing  video testimonials or reviews for businesses. He is a professional freelance spokesperson for any company that needs his services. If this system was legit, the owner would be a legitimate person, and they certainly wouldn’t need any fake testimonials to promote the service.

Dezza123 from fiverr

My First Online PayDay Actor

AllyKat From Fiverr

My First Online PayDay Actor 2

I even found lots fake positive reviews for this service floating around Google. However, there is no word of this application in any reliable forum, day-trading portals, or blogs that are associated with binary trading and the financial markets. Even if the fake presentations were only meant for promotional purposes, we are still dealing with an entity that lacks any sort of reputation.

Conclusion on the My First Online Payday Scam

By any means, the My First Online Payday scam is easily one of the dirtiest of scams that I have seen in 2016. The website has all the red flags that will often tell you are dealing with a scam. The website, the alleged developers and members of the system, and the entire service lacks any sense of credibility.

My verdict: The My First Online Payday is a dirty scam!!! Don’t be Fooled…

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