My Winning System Review exposes the Mathew Pears Scam

Scam Alert: My winning system Review exposes the Mathew Pears is a no winning system

It has been brought to my attention that My Winning System and Auto trader by a guy called Mathew Pear is a deadly scam app meant to steal money from unsuspecting day traders and investors. Sadly this is nothing but bogus heist that uses a similar trick by another scam called Market booster which left people reeling with financial losses. The pitch video used in both the scam is the same and there is nothing new thereby suggesting that my winning system app and production is being orchestrated by the same idiots running the market booster scam

So can I really turn a blind eye and pretend that my winning system is not a scam? No way, in this honest my winning system review I have laid bare all features and characteristics of misleading claims and unfathomable statements   to confirm that this software and its mastermind, Mathew Pears are a dirty and evil scam that should be avoided by all means

CEO: Mathew Pears

Scam Proof From My Winning System Review

After visiting the official webpage of my winning system I found out that this is a very basic scam even though the owners employed an actor to claim otherwise. The whole website and production is loaded with scamming features which are inherently present right from the website, fake video presentation, website elements, fabricated reviews and testimonials to the hyped promises.

This infamous system is about stealing money from users the moment you deposit with one of their bogus brokers. Your money is at the mercies of Pears and his fellow fraudsters. Don’t think for a minute that you will be able to recover your money once you deposit it. Just forget about it!!

Besides, the promise of making $500 to $3000 daily is not achievable with their system. When Mathew claims that the system has a 100% winning ratio as this can never happen in an ideal world. The truth is that Mathew is saying what you want to hear (that his system is 100% risk proof) so that you can deposit money into his system. This actually busts his earlier statement where he offered to help you with strategies and tips on how to regularly profit from his system. Why would you need tips when the system is 100 % fail proof?

Don’t be fooled even for a second that my winning system has been featured at news sites like BBC, CNN and the like. There is no media outlet that has ever endorsed or featured this system and the only outlet that has endorsed this fraud is Mathew himself. According to him, he has fully tested it, re-tested and promoted it to potential victims with an intention to steal from them. All the testimonials and reviews are paid for from a marketplace called fiverr where anyone can buy anything for just $5

After the entire claim that his system makes him $650 k yearly is a lie. If this is the way he treats his fabricated testimonials as evidence that his system works, then I’m very sorry since I’m not going to buy this load of BS manure.

Apparently Mathew`s picture is not even his. The Mathew shown on the website is nothing but a stock image sourced from the internet. The video displays fabricated bank account info and if I ask, have you ever seen a bank statement/account with a username only instead of the full names

Conclusion From My Winning System

Well, you are looking at an old textbook example of a money stealing fraud. Totally fake narrative with fake time counter. On top of that the crap is simulated with fake trading results, reviews, testimonials and unrealistic winning ratios along with a fake and fictional owner ,mr Mathew pears. There is no way I can endorse this software except to warn you not to dare sign up or deposit any money

Verdict: My Winning System by Mathew pears is a dumb scam you need to avoid

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I know there are alot of scams out there and its hard to find anything that actually works. I have tested 100’s of systems and only found 2 or 3 that actually made me money which I have listed on my trusted page along with my results. Check them out here. Also if your looking to trade manually yourself and you need a broker then check out my trusted list here

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