Nasdaq Insider Trader Review Exposes Alex Steele Scam

Nasdaq Insider Trader Review exposes the Truth about the Nasdaq Insider Trader Scam

Binary trading option is one of the main ways of making money on the internet. Many scammers have come about trying to exploit innocent investors. Nasdaq Insider Trader is one of the many exploiters. Tread carefully to avoid falling prey to such.

You are promised so much till you can’t stop questioning how on earth is all that possible. The scammers behind Nasdaq Insider Trader app think they are smart and trustworthy. Finally their vicious intents have caught up with them barely a day after their launch. Thanks to our detailed review.

CEO: Alex Steele


What Nasdaq Inside Trader Promises

This scandalous system promises so much that it is easy to conclude that all is nothing but a scam. The empty promises go on and on without stopping.

Alex Steele, the alleged CEO promises a lot. He promises to give you $2,000 for doing nothing other than filling out their form on their unsecure website. This sounds too good to be true. Who on earth will give you that amount without working? Quite impossible. This is one of his many lame tricks to convince you to sign in with them. They want your money. The amount promised is just a word of mouth and can’t be any true for it is your money they want not their money to give away.

$6,000 a day. That is the amount you are falsely guaranteed to get at the end of one day of trading! This makes no sense at all. No binary trading application would ever yield such an amount in a day. Moreover, the profit you get greatly depends on your initial deposit. Here, you are advised that from $250 initial deposit you will make the unrealistic amount of $6,000. Don’t be a victim of this non-sensical deal.

Imagine making $180,000 in a single month. Sounds good? Indeed it does. Unfortunately it is just an imagination of Alex Steele. This can never be more than a false promise. Very impossible to make such an amount from a bot. be warned not to be seduced by these big profits that only exist in words and will never actualize.

All the details offered here are suspicious and should never be trusted by anyone, be it expert traders, newbies or aspiring traders. Stay as far as you can from this scam.

Alex repeatedly mentions that his robot is automatic and most innovative of all the bot applications in the market. He therefore guarantees no work at all. The software will make profits for you while you are running other errands. This is not anywhere close to reality. A big lie. No robot is completely automatic. All bot machines need supervision to be fully effective and allow you make most out of it.

He goes on and explains how efficient the application is. 100% winning ratio. No loss at any juncture. Sounds vague, right? Yes it does and it is. Bot robots are business systems just like the rest, no system is that accurate. At times there is loss and at other times profit.

Alex telling us that you will only make profits sounds suspicious and unreliable. He is trying to make you imagine how rich you will be once you join the millionaires club. This is nothing more than an imagination of a thief who is so much in need of your hard earned money. Stay away from him and his robot.

Proof that Nasdaq Insider Trader is a Scam

It is possible to get a bonus. At least that’s true but you have to deposit the same amount as the bonus to be given. But from this scam we see that you are given $2,000 for just filling a form. Not realistic. In addition, once you accept the bonus your account will be locked till you reach the amount similar to the received bonus.

You are promised a profit of $6,000 each day in the video presentation. On the site we also see that you will make a profit of $4,500 a day. The scammers are so confused, they can’t even know they are contradicting themselves. This makes them suspicious and not worthy of your time.

The alleged CEO claims that over the past 18 months he made 34 millionaires. He wants you to join the system and be one of the many millionaires. From the famous domain name recognition site we see that the site was formed 2 days ago. How comes he made 34 millionaires over the last 18 months? Big lie. Made up millionaires to lure you register.

The site has real people as testimonials. They did try their best; unfortunately they are meagrely paid actors from They should not be trusted as beneficiaries of the application but as people hired to help the scammers sell and get people to use their dirty system.

Conclusion From Nasdaq Inside Trader Review

Hopefully from my review above this you have realized that the Nasdaq Inside Trader is nothing but a nasty scam that you need to avoid and warn others about. Other recent scams you need to avoid are

Verdict: Nasdaq Inside Trader is a scam made to steal your hard earned money

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.


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