Obcasio Review Proves Obcasio Software is a SCAM!

Obcasio review exposes the truth about the Obcasio Scam

They say that opportunity comes disguised as hard work but what happens when a scam comes disguised as opportunity? Well you will get Obcasio system, a software developed by scammers pausing as a binary options trading app. Our readers have received emails and so we had to investigate and separate the truth from the half truths that scammers give. So before you go ahead and invest your money in this app, you better read this review for a clearer picture.

CEO: Michael Watson
Official Site: obcasio.co

Results from My Obcasio Review

Michael Watson is the alleged developer of the Obcasio software. He has invested a lot to ensure that his scam goes viral and the bad news is that many people are falling for it. This software is not legit at all. Even on auto pilot mode you cannot be making $2,000 daily. We therefore need to delve deeper.

Michael goes ahead and tells us that he has been the CEO of Obcasio software since he quit his job at a prestigious investment bank. This was way back in 2005 and since 2014 he has made 100 people millionaires. And now he wants to repeat the same feat and only needs 100 people to make it “happen”. We Googled about this guy and unfortunately he does not exist neither do his millionaires. An app that makes millionaires should have now been beating Snapchat or Pokémon, so how come it’s not even known?

Now Michael has really been busy throughout the years or that is what he wants us to believe. We decided to find out how long he has been working as CEO of Obcasio. Who. is, the best domain age tool on the web does not agree with what Michael is telling viewers. His site is actually two weeks old because it was officially registered on 11/3/2016. So how do you recruit people via the web without an existing website which you claim to have been using? We couldn’t fill in the gaps either.

There is no clear explanation as to how this system delivers. Michael talks about speed as if it is a unique thing but actually every experienced trader knows that all robots in binary option are founded on speed. So all we need is a clear and articulate explanation as to how Obcasio works and why we should go for it not some beating around the bush.

The testimonials are just so desperate. They took stock images from the internet and posted them on their site. Seriously isn’t this getting old?  The guy in the testimonials named Wing Sor has appeared on other sites online like LinkedIn whereby he is James Yuen. If James knew that his image is being used in dirty business, what would he do? Would you believe such a testimonial? Would you put your money into something that is clearly a lie? Obcasio is simply an opportunity to rob you without violence.



Who is Michael Watson name?

Michael Watson Obcasio Software

Michael Watson is a character that has been created by the scammers behind Obcasio system. He is their spokesperson and brand ambassador here to assure innocent people that there is a phase behind this fake venture but actually the opposite is the truth. He says that he has already made 100 millionaires and he did this since 2014 yet we have found that this is not true. He is not even in the social media circles. He just popped up the other day, actually 2 weeks ago. This is because the guy is a Fiverr actor so he takes on any role that is thrown at him. He claims that he has been featured on Forbes but we went there too, Forbes has no feature of him. Michael Watson is as fake as the app he is promoting.

Is Obcasio a Scam?

 Yes Obcasio is a scam. There is nothing legit about it and everyone should steer away from it. It is unfortunate that some people have already lost their money but if you haven’t signed up with them then don’t. Your money is safe and sound with you or in the bank. Other scams to avoid are Click Money System, Plenitude Formula and The Orion Code.

Conclusion from Obcasio Review

Obcasio.co is a scam intended to manipulate novice traders. All they need to do is put up some false information and show you how your life can have an instant paradigm shift and you will fall for the bait. $250 is not little because there are thousands of people who view the video daily and think so too. When they deposit, Michael and his team of scammers will be laughing all the way to the bank while you are waiting and hoping to make it big. You can make it big but not out of someone else’s greed.

Verdict: I find Obcasio nothing more than another scam in a long list of Binary Options Scams

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.


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