Omni App Review Exposes The Matthew Hammersmith Scam

Omni App review exposes the truth about the Omni App Scam

The Omnia App is the current binary options system from the stables of scamland.  The alleged CEO of this system is one Matthew Hammersmith. We decided to do an objective review of this trading app out an email sent to us by one of our ardent readers. They had noticed a well known actor and thought we should investigate further. Well here is the Omni App review to expose the lies.

CEO: Matthew Hammersmith
Official Site:

Results from Omni App Review

First and foremost we would like to introduce the main character in this particular scam. He is a professional at what he does and has a full profile over on IMDB but for legal reason I can not print his name here. This guy is not your ordinary scam actor. He is big and commands big bucks from the scammers. You have seen in two previous scams namely the Terabit Trader and GPS Trader.

This guy has been an actor his entire life and he has featured in several movies.

Now we also noted some several similarities between the Omnia scam video and that of Tesler App. Same script, different cast.

Now Matthew Hammersmith says that he is going to give you special access to his phenomenal software which has the capability of making you $237 every hour, every single day for all the days that you will be on this earth.  That is why he claims that that particular day that you get to watch his video is the day that your life will change. He will warn you that that particular day is the final day that his software is being offered to the public for free. We watched the first, the second and the third day and Matthew seems not to know which day of the week it is because everyday is the last day.

Matthew guarantees that you will become a millionaire in a period of six months or less. He is saying because his software has lead trends and yes it has this other phenomenal feature, wait for it… it has zero risk. Yes that’s right Matthew has the guts to peddle the blatant lie of all lies in trading. There is no such thing as 100% accuracy in trading not even if you are using a software on auto mode

What about the trends issue? Matthew says that his software has the ability to conduct a thorough analysis on current trends. It is described in his words as an edge enabling it to conduct an analysis of 3 million market variables. Matthew now starts adding more salt to his already false claims. The software according to him can earn you between $5,700 and $10,000 daily. You should expect them to charge a commission of 0.5% from your account. He adds that his software is worth $673.

As if we haven’t had enough this Matthew guy continues blabbering about how he has been featured on BBC, Forbes, CNN Business and the likes. If fact he says that his Wall Street nickname is Mr. Midas not to mention the testimonials in the website and video are all fabricated.

Who is Matthew Hammersmith?

Matthew Hammersmith is actually a professional movie actor who has played several roles. He has also played the role of a fake CEO in several scams and we are sure that we will be seeing him in more scams in the near future. He does not own any trading company and all those who are featured with him in this scam video are just support actors to help him sell a lie.

Is Omni App a Scam?

The unfortunate truth is that the Omni App is an app meant to steal people’s money. The scammers went as far as hiring a good actor to ensure that you keep on depositing. We are sorry for those who already fell for this scam but it is not yet late to walk out and never again put your money into something you know nothing about.

Conclusion from Omnia App Review

You can make good money with binary options but you should be wary. There are many scammers out there who can’t wait to pounce on your money. One of these guys are the team and actors featured on the Omnia Video. Keep away from this fraudsters they will drain you dry.

Verdict: The Omnia App is a scam operation in disguise as a trading system.

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.

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