Onassis Alliance by Jed Onassis is a HUGE Scam

Onassis Alliance Review exposes the Truth about the Onassis Scam

Onassis Alliance is a new scam software that is gaining popularity in the binary trading market each day. This app is not legit. It is just fake software by some bogus scammers to lure traders into investing their money before losing it. The owner of this software, Jed Onassis claims to be a Millionaire with the intent of helping others gain financial independence, but in the real sense, he wants to get his wealth from their pockets. We dug deep into details of this software and found out that it’s all about lies; check out our honest review to get a clue of the lies behind this weird ploy before investing your money with it.

CEO: Jed Onassis
Official Site: onassisalliance.co

Results from Onassis Alliance Review

The very first thing I noted to be fishy about this system is the false promises that are being offered to the users. From becoming rich within a short time to being able to trade at unrealistic accuracies, to this software’s magic to detect approaching loses and switch trades. All of these are mere lies fabricated to get innocent traders to buy these scammers’ idea, only to end up losing money as soon as they invest with the tricky bastard’s system.

To begin with, the unrealistic accuracy associated with this software, users are promised to trade at an assured 97.4% winning rate. Whatever algorithm these people may be using, any claim about realizing any accuracy percentage exceeding 90% should be a red signal for that you are way into a very big fraud. Even the iconic traders will tell you this is nothing close to real software, since such accuracy is yet to be heard of in trading markets. Furthermore, this CEO is seemingly contradicting himself by another statement that you are 100% GUARANTEED to make profits trading with his software, which is meant to mean no chances of making loses, thanks to its auto trading mode.

Onassis Alliance Scam

The profits on offer are yet another smart way to distinguish between a scam and legit software. Looking at the profits being advertised here, you will notice that this is nothing different from the normal get-rich-quick scams out there. Well, you can make good money trading, but $625 per hour and $7500 in a day? This is a person trying to be “smart” enough to fool you with apparent lies.

Most software either are endorsed or have testimonials from users who have tried them out and seen how they work. Most of them give an account of their experience and satisfaction with the system to give prospect users a glimpse of the effectiveness of a given app. What is sad about this software is that it does not have any credible endorsement or testimonials to back up the owner’s claims about its efficiency. All you can find on their website are pictures overlapped with some dubious captions that do not even sound natural. In the promo video, Mr Onassis himself tries to show us that he has some new clients he is out to train, but his said clients look as fishy as the CEO himself does.

Onassis Alliance Review

Who is Jed Onassis?

Onassis Alliance Review

Jed Onassis is the alleged owner and CEO of this company. However, he fails to prove that he is actually well conversant with binary trading, giving users fabricated lies and bragging about how filthy rich he is all through the video. More suspicious is the fact that he doesn’t talk in detail about how his app works, for the benefit of those who do not have prior experience in trading. This is a pointer that this folk has nothing to offer his clients (victims) rather than robbing them of their hard-earned money.

Is Onassis Alliance a Scam?

Yes, The Onassis Alliance is a 100% scam orchestrated to lure and loot traders’ finances as soon as they believe in these scammers’ lies. Throughout our review, we have explained more than one instance in which these scammers have failed to support their claims that they have software that can help their clients succeed in trading. Other recent scams to avoid are Zen TraderThe Orion Code and the Automata Formula.

Conclusion from Onassis Alliance Review

According to what we have found underneath the pride, lies and deceptions that the owner of this system bugs users with in his video, we have to conclude that this is scam software. In short, Mr Onassis is only fabricating lies. If you are to get anything from him after investing your money with his system, then it will be disappointment and loss. After that, you will not hear from him or see him again. This is a ploy to scam investors’ money, keep off and keep your money safe.

Verdict: Onassis Alliance is a scam, stay away from this software.

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