One Touch Trade is a Big Scam By Jeffrey Peterson

One Touch Trade Review exposes the truth about the One Touch Scam

One Touch system is a binary options trading app which we have come to know of thanks to Jeffrey Peterson. According to the One Touch video presentation, Mr. Peterson is one of the traders whose life took a paradigm shift for the better after using the One Touch software for free. From what we see Peterson is just telling us what we want to hear and he is not delving into the real issues. This is actually what all scammers do so the One Touch review is going to focus on what our readers need to know and back it up with evidence and facts.

CEO:  Jeffrey Peterson
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Results from One Touch Trade Review

The One Touch software is barely a week old but Peterson tells his viewers that he has been making a lot of money for months. He started out as a beta tester and now they are recruiting new beta testers who can try out the software and share their great experience with the rest of the public.

The software has allegedly been developed to be user friendly and even new traders can navigate it easily. There is no need for previous experience. The whole thing is automated. You make a deposit of $250 and you start making money. In a demonstration that is purported to be live, Peterson starts with $2,500 and hours later, he has over $7,000 in his account. We all know that this is acting and even if it wasn’t there is no way someone can make $5,000 in a matter of hours trading not even if it was automated.

One Touch Trade Scam

On their website there are testimonials from people from different parts of the country. These are false testimonials. They are just stock images retrieved from the internet. What the scammers have just added the words that work in their favor.  Do not fall for this trap. The bank statements you see even the one for Bank of America are all fake. Banks are very strict when it comes to how they are perceived. They cannot work with scammers.

Who is Jeffrey Peterson?

Jeffrey Peterson introduces us to a firm known as Investment Institute Gold Campbell Limited. Unfortunately both Jefferson and the firm are non existing entities. Jeffrey is just an actor doing his job and earning his pay. He is there to pose and look good even with the ladies in the swimming. The aim is to promote the scam until it is accepted by many people. The person acting as Jeffrey has also featured in other scams. You should not believe anything from the One Touch site.

Jeffrey Peterson One Touch Trade

Now there is a “live “demonstration. Jeffrey makes 4 trades. Two trades for $1,000 each and the other two for $500 each then his capital grows from $2,500 to $7,698. The mathematics here does not make sense. Brokers usually pay 75-85% as profit so when someone here takes four trades and wins all of them his profit cannot be more than $2,000. All this is just cooked up no wonder it does not make sense. Jeffrey tells us that withdrawals can be made any time but we all know that with trading brokers can take at least 3 days to process your cash. So what Jeffrey is telling us is not true. We also do not see a history of trading or even open trades in the “live “demonstration.

One Touch Trade Testimonials

There is a part in the video where Jeffrey says he is 35 years old and he has made a huge sum and tells us what he earned the previous year. Question is which year was this that he was trading with software which does not exist?

Is One Touch a Scam?

One Touch is a scam created by online scammers. It does not take much to see what they are doing. They hype up everything so that you do not have a chance to question their authenticity. There is nothing that is free. You will deposit $250 thinking that you will earn more than $1,000 in a matter of hours only to discover that you were not the only one who thought so too. Invest your money in other things and not in this money draining scheme. Avoid this just like other viral scams eg Obcasio, Profit Replicator & Prove My Profits

Conclusion from One Touch Trade Review

There are plenty of scammers out there. There are those who are creative and those who are just plain to the point but they all have one goal and that is to take all they can while they can. The same is the case with the owners of One Touch.

Verdict: One Touch Trade is a scam you need to avoid and warn people about

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.



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