The Orion Code Review Exposes Edward Robinson’s Notorious SCAM!

Orion Code Review exposes the Truth about the Major Orion Code Scams

It seems that the law of multiplication applies to every sector. The scam sector not being an exception. Introducing Orion Code, a scam birthed from two major scams that left many victims in their trails, namely Quantum Code and the Amissio Formula. How can we tell that Orion Code is the direct descendant of these two former scams? Well the video presentation and false promises plus major hype and props are in use. All they did different is hiring an expensive actor. This is the kind of actor that has several movies to his name.

Unfortunately this false auto binary system is going viral. Subscribers are receiving emails whereby they are promised they will become the next Millionaire from The Orion Code. The face of this false phase is Edward Robinson. Apart from the obvious fact that they are acting (check out Chris, the geek), the video is almost 60 minutes long. Well my Orion Code Review is here to expose this notorious scam for the piece of crapthat it is, fact by fact.

CEO: Edward Robinson
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Results from Orion Code Review

In the video presentation, we are informed that Orion Code is a super bot developed by a team Edward hijacked from his former employer in New York. The bot is based on NQS technology which guarantees nothing but 100% results. As a new comer you will be taking home a whopping $10k daily. You will become an overnight millionaire, something Edward has done to 350 of his members who joined his system in 2015, does this all sound real to you?

Edward takes off in his jet, heading to Orion headquarters so that we might see for ourselves how business is done. He assures us that we will be making huge profits every day of our life because the Orion Code is not only fail proof but also is the fastest auto trading system thanks to Near Orion Speed technology. When these scammers produced the Quantum Code they also used “NQS” but referred to it as Near Quantum Speed.

The Orion Code Scam

According to the developer, the Orion bot is one that analyses trades made by people and institutions and then acts on the information it gathers. This according to Edward is the leverage the Orion Code has against other binary systems out there. All that he now needs is fresh beta testers who want to become millionaires as soon as possible. There is a tab that shows the number of VIP slots remaining. The message is you should not delay or else your spot will be occupied.

Edward also promises to pay you to try his app. The investment you need to lay down is $250 and you will be allocated a broker.

Take a look at the video below exposing the Automata Formula which also uses the same actor

 Who is Edward Robinson?

Edward Robinson is a character put into action by the scammers who were in charge of both Quantum Code and Amissio Formula scams. He mentions that he is famous and stories about him have been splashed all over the media. It is true that the guy acting as Edward Robinson, the nice guy who is also a millionaire is quite a famous person but he is famous actor who has been in some real films and even has his own profile on IMDB which is the biggest online database of films, TV Shows and Actors. As I’m not sure of the legal repercussions of me revealing his name I’m not going to publish it yet until I know that there can be no come back on it but be warned that he is a real actor that some of you might have even seen in some films and TV shows before. This just goes to show how far scammers can go to get your money, they will hire expensive professional actors. This is one of the methods employed in propaganda where a public figure is used to win public appeal.


The same words used in the video presentation to promote Quantum Code and Amissio Formula scams are the ones used in Orion Code presentation. The devil is in the details. Why are all these scammers always in an empty board room or an office building with no one on the lift or corridors?

In the Amissio Formula scam, the guy being fronted as Edward Robinson was playing the role by the name Craig Phillips. Remember the nerd we mentioned before by the name Chris? Well Chris knows his hustle because in another scam by the name Azure method, he is one of the participants.

According to the site, Edward has helped 350 people become millionaires since last year. On checking on the main domain checker site site was registered on September 12th 2016. Both presenters in Orion and Quantum code receive messages via messenger while in the private jet. Daniel and Robert just made $16k and their wives are crying for joy. Same scammers, same script, different cast.



There is also a VIP spot tab on the lower right side of the screen. The numbers keep going down then suddenly there are more VIP opportunities. Why so much pressure if you are a nice guy and a philanthropist? Last and not least, 100% winning is something that every professional trader knows is impossible.

Is Orion Code a Scam?

Orion Code is nothing short of an expensive scam. The scammers have outdone themselves again. They introduced a jet ride to ensure your money flies away and I hope you haven’t been caught by these scammers.

Conclusion from Orion Code Review

There is no doubt that binary option trading is great but there are two sides to everything. Check the facts, they speak for themselves. If someone is trying too hard, don’t think twice, run. IN the case of The Orion Code you need to avoid it and find another path in the binary options industry.

Verdict: I hereby find Orion Code guilty of being a dangerous scam. Beware.

I really hope you have read this in time and not been caught and that you will also consider SHARING it to help save others getting caught by the Orion Code Scammers. From time to to time I do find some systems that actually do make me some money and I always document them on my Trusted System List.

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