Passive Income Bot Review Exposes the Carl Razinski Scam!

Passive Income Bot review exposes the truth about the Passive Income Bot Scam

The Passive Income Bot is one of the new scams of 2017. What sets it apart is that it is very organized compared to other previous scams. The name is passive income. Everyone today wants to have that side hustle that brings in the extra money. They join affiliate programs or even the world of binary options and when they are told that they can make money even while they sleep, the trap is set. This is because money solves problems for everyone including scammers. The internet is flooded by people who are willing to do anything to make a buck including scamming people and this is where Passive Income Bot system comes in.

CEO: Carl Razinski

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Results from Passive Income Bot Review

The video presentation is done by the alleged CEO of the Passive Income Bot, Mr Carl Razinski. According to Razinski his system is complex having the ability to predict winning trades. The accuracy ratio is 85% and traders are guaranteed profits of $50,000 per month. Now we all know that there is no such thing as an 85% ratio in trading. Trading experts would term that as the joke of the year.

We are told that this complex trading robot is based on what is called the Wall Street Master Trades, WSMT algorithm. This algorithm is supposedly capable of predicting trades after considering trends and even the weather pattern. Well we searched for information pertaining to this algorithm but found nothing in fact nothing is known about this algorithm in Wall Street. This can only mean one thing; Razinski and his friends are great storytellers.

One thing that scammers know is that everyone loves money and they know how to tap into this feeling. So what do they do? They hit you with headings and titles that will leave you scrambling for your credit card. We love to check the disclaimer section. The terms and conditions here are quite different from what you are being promised by Razinski and his team. When you sign up you have actually agreed to be scammed so there is no where you can sue them. When they say the software is free they are actually lying. This is because in the disclaimer, free means getting a loan from the brokers and whether you get profits or losses you are supposed to pay them and yes of course they will harass you till you pay up.

There is also a lot of false information given. Razinski claims that Passive Income Bot is an American company but we did our digging to discover that these are European scammers and they are based in the UK. So when you deposit money it will go to an overseas account in Europe and you will never see it again.

There are many people giving testimonies about the Passive Income Bot System. These are actually actors hired from Fiverr so as to give the scam some sort of credibility. Fake testimonials only mean one thing and that is that everything else is fake.

Do not even give their demos a second glance. The fact that you can visit the site on a weekend and still get a “live” demo is just absurd. Who trades the markets on weekends? Scammers of course.

Who is Carl Razinski?

Carl Razinski according to the presentation video is the alleged CEO of Passive Income Bot system. He even tells us that he was once a Math teacher but he got bored with the classroom and instead put his talent into working on algorithms. He joined forces with an IT guru and together they came up with the scam they have now.

This of course is a fake story. The guy acting as Carl is just another cheap actor who auditioned and got the part to have their bills paid

Is Passive Income Bot a Scam?

Yes Passive Income Bot system is a huge scam that traders must be warned about just like The Tesler App and

Conclusion from Passive Income Bot Review

Now there are scams and then there is Passive Income Bot. This is just like an organized crime setup. There is nothing for free and there is no super magic algorithm that is used down in Wall Street. All you have is empty promises to get you signing up.

Verdict: The Passive Income Bot is a serious scam.

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.

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