Plenitude Formula Review – George Ackerman is a SCAM!

Plenitude Formula Review exposes the truth about the Plenitude Formula Scam

The Plenitude Formula trading system is a scandalous release by one George Ackerman. The software was launched this week and the alleged CEO is promising people that they will become millionaires in a matter of months. This scam is being marketed seriously hence the suspicion of how legit it is. We seek to bring you answers where you will see how the scheme has been plotted to siphon money from innocent victims. George invites viewers of his video presentation to join his 15 beta testers who are making a whopping $10,000 to $70,000 per day. He wants you to continue listening to his lies and so he tells you that his is not a scam video. In fact he goes ahead and guarantees that his software gives traders instant profits. He adds that none of his students are experienced in trading but they are still making gigantic profits thanks to his auto trading system.

There is a catch though; you have to be one of the 250 people who will view the video because after that the video will no longer be there. George is handing you the keys to his kingdom; please don’t miss out on being a millionaire. This is a software that “never fails and wins are constant”.

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Results from Plenitude Formula Review

Well after all the hype and fluff that George narrates in his presentation, let us now get into the facts. First and foremost Mr George Ackerman the alleged CEO in the presentation video is a fictional character. How can we prove this? Well some time back we had another scam which got blacklisted by the name Dream Profits Survey and the guy who is playing George was in that scam known as Mathew Warner. This same guy plays different roles in commercials and his real name is Eric Newsome. You can check him out on YouTube just type Brooks running shoes teaser and you will see the presenter who comes in the video. Welcome to the world of hype and exaggerated numbers.


We also saw nothing that could be classified as a well demonstrated process of how the software works. We only saw signs and images bombarding viewers that they should use the software as soon as possible. Why so much pressure if you are genuine?

All our readers know by now that when it comes to genuine trading, automated or not there is no such thing as 100% profit. That is a big lie and you should not buy it. George is telling us that we can make $70k daily. How can that happen from an investment of $25 yes there is a screenshot he shares showing a trader who has made over $40k yet their investment is $25 and their profit potential is $45. Does this math add up? One minute you are being told you can millions the next minute you are seeing you can make only a couple of dollars. Do you know why they do that? Well it’s because they know that your eyes will be focused on the millions not the details.


Now the other thing that is quite humorous in this video is the fact that they went ahead and hired Fiverr actors to come and give false testimonials. For real, they should really think that people are really stupid. All it took is a simple search on Google and the Fiverr images of their same “traders” came up as Fiverr actors. So George and his team of scammers paid $5 for 50 words of blatant lies. What was that George said at the beginning of his video presentation? Yes that this was not a scam video, yet the testimonials are false.

Who is George Ackerman?

George Ackerman is a role played by a hired actor who mainly features in commercials. This is the same actor who came to us as Mathew Warren in another scam. This man simply knows on which side his bread is buttered and therefore pursues it. Great acting skills Eric.


Is Plenitude Formula a Scam?

False CEO, in fact a CEO who has more than one scam to their title, false testimonials, exaggerated profits. These are the signs and symptoms of a scam. Plenitude Formula is a scam and a major one. Do not fall for the tricks; the devil is in the details. Run.

Conclusion from Plenitude Formula Review

Plenitude Formula is a dangerous scam to invest in. From the facts I have displayed above it is important that readers take heed and flee. This is just another scam like The Orion Code, Click Money System and Profits Eternity which we have seen go very viral lately

Verdict: From my review I find The Plenitude Formula a big scam that needs to be avoided.

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