Polygraph Millionaire is just Scam Version 2 from Daniel Wilkins

The Polygraph Millionaire Review: The Truth About The Polygraph Millionaire Scam

As binary trading gains popularity, probably because of the perceived inventive methods of earning fortunes, more scams continually evolve around this field. The Polygraph millionaire trading signal system is the newest scam entrant into this binary trading industry and it is just a re-brand of another scam I exposed a few months ago called the Lie Detector Millionaire. It is painful to see this scam project continually attract thousands of newbies interested in binary trading mainly because of its carefully distorted lies.

CEO: Daniel Wilkins
Official Site: polygraphmillionaire.com/secret.html

Results from polygraph millionaire system Review

The software and mobile app are allegedly developed by a self-proclaimed experienced binary trading signals expert, Daniel Wilkins, and availed free of charge to wealth-hungry newbies globally. The scam software is just an extension and a copy of the lie detector millionaire app launched in April 2016. The fact that the software and mobile app are scams notwithstanding, one cannot fail to recognize the creativity put in place in developing the Polygraph millionaire signal.

Traditionally, scams stink from a mile due to their poorly structured websites and overly sales language in their content. But Daniel seems to be a little bit smarter about this and has, therefore, made desperate attempts to cover up scam traces. His polygraph millionaire site is nowhere close to other shady scams fronted around.

It is worrying to realize that fooled by these well-crafted appearance stunts; more people might unknowingly fall into the polygraph millionaire scam trap. Mind you this is just another wolf in sheep coat, the scammer is only interested in your finances. But this review seeks to plainly dispel all the half-truths masked in the enchanting polygraph millionaire display. These include.

Again all the testimonials on this scam are just stolen images from around the web and they are completely made up.

polygraph millionaire testimonials

The masked identity of the developer

An online trading software or system is as credible as its developer. Therefore, before subscribing to any of the trading systems fronted around almost daily, conduct a background check on the system developer. So what do you make of an elusive developer, like Daniel Wilkins, who wants you to invest as much as you can in his systems?

It turns out that, despite working for close to a decade on Wall Street, Daniel couldn’t spare time to put together a LinkedIn profile or a Facebook page that he can identify with. This means that apart from his word of being an expert binary system developer and the two scams to show off, Daniel has no verifiable personal or professional background on and offline.  This alone should be distressing enough to let you know that it is a scam. But there are more.

Who is the CEO Daniel Wilkins

Daniel is the developer and CEO of both the Lie Detector millionaire system and the Polygraph Millionaire system. Note the use of enticing words in his developments, meant to lure in souls interested in get-rich-quick schemes. In the press releases announcing the development and roll out dates for both signal systems, Daniel fronts himself as a Wall Street guru.

polygraph millionaire

Barely before hitting the ground, expert opinion had already flagged off of his lie detector millionaire system as a scam. Additionally, just like the Polygraph millionaire software, the trading system wasn’t registered with the Better Business Bureau. Raising questions as to what is he trying to hide from the administrative authorities if his work is genuine, his identity or fraudulent activities.

What credibility would you attach to any word of an individual with such a con history? Furthermore, Daniel proudly associates himself with this scam app and implicitly expresses that the Polygraph Millionaire is an advanced copy of the lie detector millionaire software.

Shady operational explanation

The polygraph millionaire system doesn’t explain to the traders how the system works. The website neither explains how the system works nor the ownership of any algorithm used if any. The developer only wants you to trust their already soiled word by investing in the system and activating auto-trade on the system.

Is Polygraph millionaire Software a Scam?

Yes, the polygraph millionaire binary trading system is a scam. Its just another of Daniel’s inventive measure of fraudulently misleading amateur binary trading enthusiasts by promising guaranteed multiple returns on their investments only for him to bring up lame excuses when their fortunes wash down into his drain pockets. Just like the Charity Profits App and the Gemini 2 software Polygraph Millionaire is a scam.

Conclusion from Polygraph Review

The reason polygraph millionaire trading tool leaks fraud as any other scam system is because of it unexplained development, with its developer’s scam history notwithstanding. Its owners don’t coherently explain the method of trade used or ownership of patent rights to the software’s algorithm. The closest they get to this is explaining that it presents an 89% chance of gaining you a profit which is highly unlikely even for the most experienced binary traders who average 80%. They only concentrate on what everybody wants to hear; about making unrealistic daily earnings from negligible investments and free software.

Verdict: The Polygraph millionaire binary trading software, its associated mobile application, its lie detector millionaire software predecessor as well as its developers Daniel Wilkins and promoter Jonas Kane are all a plain scam. Keep away from either of them as they have no ounce of genuineness in their moral and developmental code.

Hopefully you haven’t been caught by this scam or any of the ones I have exposed on my full Scam List. I know all these scams can make you think that everything in the binary options industry is a scam but there is some good in the world of trading and I have put together a short list of my Trusted Systems with my personal results.

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