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Power Profit Platform System was recently launched by a “renowned Binary Options Trader” by the name George Serriton. The new system, which operates through an app is available at powerprofitplatform.com and is designed to provide a simple, safe and legal online trading system for people who trade in price fluctuations in various global markets. While there is currently a lot of buzz about this new trading system, a lot of questions regarding its legitimacy abound, especially if you are a keen observer.

Official Site: powerprofitplatform.com
CEO / Owner:   George Serriton

My First Impressions

I sought to unlock the mystery behind this new system in order to find out if it really works or the Power Profit Platform is just another internet scam, and the first place I visited is the Power Profits Platform website. To begin with, the website looks rather shady, low quality and unprofessional. The first thing I saw that really raised my doubts is the outrageous claim of making $2,497 a day just by clicking a link and watching a short video presentation that is on the first page of the site. This alone raised my suspicions about the legitimacy of the system. Out of my experience with the internet, I am well aware of the fact that most internet scams have a high tendency to make such outrageous claims, which further reinforced my suspicions that the Power Profit Platform is a scam.

My Video Review


What they Promise

When I closely scrutinize the promises offered by the Power Profit Platform, the more I realize that it is a scam. In the short video on the platform’s website, the owner of the system, George Serriton, claims that after 6 years of trading and making losses his broker offered him a deal that would help him realize profits. He managed to convince the broker to forego eight losing trades a day, which means that the broker basically reimbursed his account for all the losing trades and the top management of the brokerage firm was fine with the deal.

This is where things get really hazy because the way I understand trading, this is totally unheard of and largely impossible. Of course the only exception to this is that the broker must be extremely dishonest and not interested in making any profit.

My Findings that Show Power Profit Platform is a Scam

When I took a keen look at the owner of the platform, I found that his name is not genuine and the picture he has used to present himself is also fake. The photo that he has used on the promotional video was actually stolen from Pinterest. See the screenshot below

George Serriton Power Profit Platform

Besides making crazy claims regarding the amount of profits that the makers of the Power Profits Platform can make for you, they clearly admit that they manipulating trades to help you win. In the video, the owner George explicitly admits to manipulating up to eight losing trades a day, which is outright illegal.  When I considered what this statement actually implies, I got more convinced that the Power Profit Platform is a scam. What they basically mean is that regardless of how the investors will trade, they will merely go in and manipulate the outcome to anything that they want turning any losses into a null trade which no Binary Options Broker will ever agree to as they make most of their money when you lose.

Conclusion on Power Profit Platform

The promise that software can be used to recoup the cost of up to eight trading losses per day by mere use of a coding comes across as a pure scam and something that no broker would let you do. The fact that the system developers found the need to use false names, fake photos and made false claims on the amount of money they can make for you further confirms that this is a huge scam. Do not let your hard earned cash fall into the hands of these fraudsters.

Verdict: The Power Profit Platform is undoubtedly an evil scam that should be avoided at all costs.

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