Prepaid Profits App Review Exposes the Truth about the Scam

Prepaid Profits App review exposes the Truth about the Prepaid Profits App Scam

Prepaid Profits App System is an auto binary trading option presented to us by a guy who never mentioned his name. He talks of financial freedom and living a good life. The only thing you need to do is download the free app and start making good money. The presenter having no name is suspicious. The question is why is he hiding his name? He must be after something which is your hard earned money. We are going to expose the rest of his lies and empty promises below. Be sure to stay with us and stay on the safe side.

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Results from Prepaid Profits App Review

The unknown owner says so much about his system. He says that the capacity of this app can’t be compared to any other in the binary trading option. This sounds too good to be true. We therefore warn you to be on the look-out. You may receive an email from this guy, don’t even dare open it. It is his major way of marketing.

Prepaid Profits App

On opening the website page you are welcome by a pop-up window, asking you to register. The anonymous owner is being pushy. If he has 10 million members why push you to register?

The owner says that the app is risk-free. He is trying to tell you that you will never lose a single trade for the rest of your life if you use this software to trade. These are empty words meant to convince you to sign up with the scam app. Experts who have been in the binary trading option know better. No application is risk free. It is a trading tool like any other, at times there is winning and at times you lose. So when the alleged owner talks about risk free app he is exaggerating. He only wants you to register and deposit your money with his scam app. don’t dare, he will vanish with it as soon as you deposit it.

The software is automatic, so says the alleged owner who didn’t give us any information about himself. He continues by saying that the app will handle all trades for you without lifting a finger. You may go on with your other activities while the app makes crazy profits for you. He also says that you don’t need any formal training to operate the application. It is easy to use. These are all lies. The app can’t be 100% automatic, it needs some supervision. Also, one needs some knowledge to run the software. The alleged owner is full of lies hoping that he will convince newbies, don’t believe a single word from him. You will lose your money.

The voice narrator promises to give you access to his inside method that he is testing to beat his competitors from all over the world. He adds that the app has grown to have 10 million members since the beginning of the year. The question is why trust him when we know nothing about him. These are lies and falling for them will lead to loss of your hard earned money. From our online search currently there is no trading community with 10 million people.

From the video presentation the anonymous owner tells us that the algorithm of his app trades 15 seconds trading. Such expiry rates don’t exist in binary trading option.

Prepaid Profits App Scam

When you trade with the app you get a $50 but you can’t withdraw the money, this means that this is a fake figure, the owner denies this but the fact remains the money can’t be withdrawn. Everything about this app is messy and vicious don’t be fooled.

The owner claims that there is a live session and involves a guy called Josh. Josh is an alleged famous competitive game caster. Him revealing only the first name makes him fishy. This means that he is a hired actor to endorse the scam app and make it seem legitimate. Don’t believe a single word from him. He is a meagerly paid actor and is definitely reading a script on behalf of his bosses behind the scenes.

Who is the anonymous CEO?

Prepaid Profits App CEO

This guy is nothing more than an actor, paid to lie. He reveals nothing about himself because he knows that he is a scammer. Using Google search engine to look for his identity over the internet we found nothing about him. However, he is a known guy in scam reviews. Stay away from this unknown guy and be safe.

Conclusion from Prepaid Profits App

Despite the fact that genuine binary trading options makes profits, there are also risks that have to be considered too. The anonymous owner of Prepaid Profits App is unrealistic. He talks of his app as a risk free app. Be warned. His aim is to steal your money and we don’t want that, therefore we term this application as not genuine and based on unrealistic facts. The system is dangerous and warn you against its malicious agendas.

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Verdict: Prepaid Profits App is a Scam and you need to avoid it

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