Profit Ball Review Exposes Terry Mason Scam Trading Platform

Profit Ball review exposes the truth about the Profit Ball Scam

If you are familiar with the term never gamble with your future then no sooner you hear about Profit Ball system you will smell something fishy. The Profit Ball review contains factual findings that will help our readers to be wary of crooked fellows roaming the internet. We are here to help you see the red flags and turn before it is too late.

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Results from Profit Ball Review

The Profit Ball system is owned by two persons namely Terry Mason and Joshua Ethan. This is a fraudulent system whereby the only person who gets the money is not you Terry might be trying to fool you but he knows very well that no software is 100% effective. Even the best sports gamblers will tell you that at times they lose.

Joshua Ethan the Co-founder of Profit Ball assures us that he has never had wrong forecasts with the app. In fact he goes ahead and guarantees us that his software is 100% accurate. This is even backed up by a fake demonstration placed on the site. The demonstration shows the trades that are taking place whereby the green ticks stand for profits. Talk about actors being good at their job.

Profits Ball Review

Talking about acting we found one guy who was so terrible at his job. How can you forget the name of the two people who changed your life financially?  Instead of saying Joshua and Ethan he refers to them as Raymond and Shane. We suddenly asked ourselves where we have heard such a name. Then we notice some similarity. The same actor also did a gig for Bank Tracker Bot. He has lied for so many guys that he is getting confused which lie he should tell next.

Terry is here speaking gloriously of how they managed to make $6.4 million. Do not that this are claims coming from a nonexistent CEO and Co-Founder taking about a nonexistent business. Terry says that Profit Ball incorporates both sports analysis and trading algorithm so as to predict stock prices. Gambling and trading, it really is gambling with savings.

So how does this software operate?  Well it is based on consumer buying behavior and how sponsorship and advertising influence it. They go for sponsor stocks before the masses can access it. They promise that they always go for underrated stocks that have the highest on base percentage. According to them this is why they never lose a trade. The work of the software is to analyze all the major sports matches globally and also evaluate the top sponsors of these tournaments in terms of stock. The app therefore gives you an upper hand in pickling the right stock always. Yes such a long twisted lie. Sponsorships are contracts and there is no day the stocks were affected by a match.

What is the amount of money needed to start off? Well as usual all scammers ask for $250. Apparently it is the initial amount they agreed upon. Once the money is charged to your credit card you will never see it again. Ever heard of those who claim they have made thousands of dollars but cannot withdraw.

As for the reviews you see in the video kindly note that they have been bought. Nothing you see on that video is genuine. Everything has been fabricated to serve the purpose of easily swindling unsuspecting traders or newbies.

Profits Ball Scam

Who is Terry Mason?

Profits Ball Review

Terry Mason is a great story teller. At least that is what we learn from the way he tells us of how they came up with the app. He was helped by his childhood friend Joshua Ethan. Joshua was once an analyst with Wells Fargo. Well we looked for the two guys and found them nowhere. They do not exist and they do not have any social media accounts.

Is Profits Ball a Scam?

Fake testimonials, cooked up figures and explanations plus actors. Yes all these are signs that Profits Ball is a huge and dangerous scam. Here are some of the other binary options scams you should avoid are Guaranteed Money System, Step 2 Wealth and CFD Society

Conclusion from Profits Ball Review

Binary options is a legal industry the only emerging issue is that so many scammers are joining it each and every day. Profits Ball is one such kind of fraudulent system. They are doing a vigorous emailing campaign in order to get to your credit card. Do not be cheated, your money is only safe with you or at least in a bank.

Verdict: Profits Ball is a scam that will steal all your money

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.

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