Profit Magnet is a Scam full of Stock Photos

In this review I take a look at Profit Magnet and give you my opinion on why this it looks like a definite scam and one that you should steer clear of.

Official Site:

What They Promise

When you go on the site first you are meet with the heading below telling you that you can turn $11 into $220 in an hour.. When I go further down this review you will see why this is more than lightly pure BS.

” Is it REALLY possible to turn $11 into $220 EVERY HOUR? Over 87 new members around the world would say…YES! “

My Findings that show Profit Magnet is a Scam

Check all the stock images that have been used in the “Profit Magnet Testimonials”.. If their clients were all really making $1000 every day why would they need to put up fake testimonials with stock photos that they bought.

Fake Stock Person Number 1

Profit Magnet Stock Photo.

Fake Stock Person Number 2

Fake Stock Person Number 2

Fake Stock Person Number 3

Fake Stock Person Number 3

My Conclusion

I hope all the proof up above was enough to show you that is a complete scam and if you join you will just lose your money. Hopefully you have found this review in time before you joined the Profit Magnet scammers. Please also share this article to save others from losing their hard earned money.

Verdict: “ScamName” is a Scam you should avoid

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