Profit Replicator App Review Exposes the Profit Replicator Scam

Profit Replicator App review exposes the truth about the Profit Replicator Scam

The newest kid on the block in scam land is Profit Replicator. This scam is brought to us via a voice narrator who keeps going on and on about how much money you can earn easily. Well we are supposed to believe that the person talking is one Michael Griffin. Let’s say that we do believe that this is Michael Griffin and he wants to help us turn our lives around. Question is, how genuine is Michael’s Profit Replicator app? How does it work to turn you into a millionaire? Well the Profit Replicator review is here to answer questions with facts. So let us all get into an objective mood and start digging.

CEO: Michael Griffin
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Results from Profit Replicator Review

The Profit Replicator app is not like other apps. Michael tells his viewers that the software uses insider information. This it does by scanning financial information from the NASDAQ market. The information is then used to make winning trades. These winning trades are replicated in a matter of seconds in order to prevent losses. So with Michael’s system all you do is win, win, win. Finally a software that defies even what expert traders have been experiencing.

According to Michael, the trading app will only be accessed by 97 people. This is of course if you sign up and make an early deposit. Well we do not know who Michael is and we certainly believe that that is not his voice. This is just a voice actor hired to lie and ensure that he does so effectively to get the desired results. That is get people depositing their money with rogue brokers.

This could be the reason why the Profit Replicator is said to have an accuracy ratio of 100%. This means that traders are assured of profits forever. But is this true? Experts say no because an accuracy of 100% is superficial. The market is not always constant. It is also very unlikely that software can tell what is going to happen and make a decision. There is no software that can predict the future.

Michael tells us that a trader with no experience is able to make $7,000 daily with the Profit Replicator app. You will keep on making money since the software operates on an auto mode. Truth is that this is an exaggerated figure to lure you into the scammer’s trap. Michael promises his listeners that their life will start changing within 48 hours. You will be making $30,000 per month and if you do not make good money with the software then Michael is generous enough to refund you $ 2,000. Do not call his bluff. You will have no one to blame when you give your money to a non existing entity or person.


We also decided to check out the testimonial section and shock on us. Why did we expect anything different? You see the images used are stock photos and Michael Griffin himself is a voice actor. There is no actual evidence that there is a trading guru by the name Michael Griffin. We searched on Google, the biggest search engine and all social media platforms. There are “Facebook and Twitter” testimonials on the site but these are all fake since they do not take you back to the insinuated social media sites.


Who is Michael Griffin?

According to our research, Michael Griffin does not exist. We are also not certain that the narrator in the video is Michael. Scammers will shove anything down your throat and we are sure that using a voice actor is one of the ways they seek to manipulate people.


Is Profit Replicator a Scam?

We wish that Profit Replicator had brought something new to the table but unfortunately it didn’t. These scammers decided to do scamming the old school way. No face, fake testimonials and crazy figures.
Conclusion from Profit Replicator Review

The facts above speak for themselves. Michael Griffin is simply selling a false concept hoping to gain from it. The aim is to get you believing and the moment you do then you will be convinced that $250 is such a small amount of money to invest. Do note, there are other a thousand people thinking the same. If you all deposit then someone will become a millionaire and it is none of you.

Verdict: We find Profit Replicator app a fraud meant to scam new traders.

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.

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