Profits Eternity SCAM exposed – Do Not Fall for it

Profits Eternity Review exposes the Truth about the Profits Eternity Scam

Profits Eternity is a new scam in the Binary Trade market that is raising concern among many traders about whether it is legit software or another scam on the loose. The sad truth is that this is a scam and the schemers behind it seem to have thought of using a different tactic this time round. The promo video in this scam features a lady, Jane Creswell, who is also the alleged owner and CEO of Profits Eternity. We did a review to expose the ugly side of this scam and help you make a right decision before throwing your money away.

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Results from Profits Eternity Review

From what we are told in the promo video about this software, you will notice that only a small percentage of all the information is about serious trading. Other than that little bit, the rest of the information in the marketing video is all about getting stinking rich and living large. Okay, what do we have in the bit that talks about trading? Almost all of it is about fabricated lies as well.

Croswell tells us in the first place that there are about 300 positions open, only to debunk that statement later on saying that she has only 50 positions open. This is in itself a pushy salesmanship tactic we see in most of scams’ marketing strategies. Additionally, she claims to make sure that this information gets to selected people only, like the user watching the video at a particular time. However, there are no any restrictive measures in place to determine the access of the video. This is proof that this is not a real offer.

We also looked keenly at the contradiction in the profits the user is promised to make. Just above the video frame, the indicated profit is $6,451, while the owner of the software promises about $12,000 a day, which does not add up. Even with the two matching, no trader in binary trading can make the amount quoted in a day; therefore, all these are fabricated lies.  Furthermore, the same software is said to have never lost a trade since its entry into the market, which is a clear claim that it is 100% accurate. This is a clear pointer that this is a scam, since making loses is a norm in auto trading bots.


Besides, this owner claims that her software was released to the market about 3 years ago, which contradicts the registry date in its domain online. According to our search, this website has been around for only a month and some days, since it was registered on September 2016. This is by far enough proof that we are talking about a real scam here.

We did a detailed research about the testimonials presented to back the claims of big profits here. Unfortunately, or obviously, they too turned out to be from cheap actors. This is no surprise, since this tactic is common among many scammers who do not have honest people to support their software, which are non-existent anyway.


Who is CEO Jane Creswell?


Jane Creswell is the owner and CEO of Profits Eternity, according to what she claims. However, our detailed researched has landed into a very different reality. There is nothing like a CEO or owner of any binary trading software business. Besides being very uninformed about trading herself, Creswell turns out to be a hired actor to present the marketing video of this software as the owner. The sad truth is that there is no any trading software as Profits Eternity, this woman is just after misleading users who watch the pitch video.

Is Profits Eternity a Scam?

Yes, Profits Eternity is nothing less than an ugly scam that is orchestrated to convince unsuspecting traders to surrender their hard earned money to some wicked scammers. This system, the self-proclaimed owner and the testimonials fail to prove to be true and trustworthy in any bit. This is therefore nothing than a cheap attempt to scam traders’ money.

Conclusion from Profits Eternity Review

From our inclusive and detailed research, we can conclude with the fact that Profits Eternity is a scam that has nothing to offer traders other than aiming at their money. As much as a number of traders may have fallen victims to the lies fabricated in this bogus scam, we would any trader out there.

Verdict: Profits Eternity is 100% fraudulent and you should stay away from it.

I’m always looking for ways that can make you money so if you ever come across an auto-trading system that is working well for you then please let me know so I can check it out and share it with everyone.

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