Prove My Profits Review Exposes This Major Scam

Prove My Profits review exposes the truth about the Prove My Profits Scam

We are all for recycling but when another scam keeps on recycling itself then it is time that we air the dirty laundry. Prove My Profits is an auto trading software meant for the sole purpose of scamming traders. For our readers you will definitely see how there is a connection between this scam and the following scams:

There is a lot of hype and fluff accompanied by vigorous email marketing from their affiliates. Well before you make the biggest financial mistake we are here to give you the heads up. Keep on reading.

CEO: Ted Morgan or Daniel Wilkins
Official Site:

Results from Prove My Profits Review

We went ahead and watched the video on the site. There was a presenter taking a polygraph test and stated that in the past he was a scammer. He later on takes us to his home where he talks about the software which was given to him by trader x. this software is now what is called Prove My Profits. Trader X is the creator of the PMP software but he does not love publicity. He likes to maintain his privacy in order to avoid harassment. Yes we know, we asked ourselves the same question, who has ever harassed Bill Gates or other rich people for being rich?

The figures that are quoted here are incredible and the CEO has gone to lengths to “prove “that he is telling nothing short of the truth. He takes a polygraph test which turns out to be “true “. He assures us that no experience is needed when using his software. In fact newbies are assured that they will be making as much as $7,000 every week and they can even go to as much as $50,000.

Prove My Profits Scam

There is a “live “demonstration that we are given where the initial deposit is only $250. The video presenter chooses the auto mode and even protects the trading against losses. We know that this is a big joke. He even says that their software can tell the future events of the market, the same line all other scammers use. All he does and says seems to contradict his statement that he stopped playing dirty.

If you have noted, we have only been referring to the CEO as a he and we have not given him a name yet. Well for those who went to the PMP site a few days ago, the CEO was Ted Morgan but now according to the site, the CEO is Daniel Wilkins. We are wondering what is happening but again we are not surprised because in the video presentation Daniel mentioned that they work with Polygraph services and we knew that these are the same guys who brought us the Polygraph Millionaire scam.

Prove My Profits is a scam that is on another level. This is something run by very dangerous people and the same way they can change a CEO is how fast they can drain your account. Can you trust a Polygraph test done on two different people or people who do not exist?

Prove My Profits Review

Do not trust the testimonials you see on the homepage or anywhere else on the site. They are all fake testimonials. They have actually retrieved stock images from the internet and used them to fool you.

Who are Ted Morgan/ Daniel Wilkins?

Prove My Profits Review

These two men who are the alleged CEOs of PMP are simply made up characters. They do not exist. What you are watching is a well scripted show meant to get you depositing $250 to scammers who deal with rogue brokers.

Is Prove My Profits a Scam?

Yes Prove My Profits is not just a scam but the mother of all scams. The same tactics deployed in this scam are found in the scams we had initially mentioned at the beginning of this review. There is no such thing as guaranteed wins when it comes to trading. Anything can happen at any time.

Conclusion from Prove My Profits Review

We have seen many scams come and go but we have to give to the guys behind Prove My Profits, they managed to recycle and brand themselves several times. This just goes to prove how headstrong scammers are. They will never get tired; they will drain you until there is nothing left.

Verdict: Prove My Profits just like its former predecessors is a scam.

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.

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