Yes Push Money App is a big fancy Scam!

The latest Binary Options System to hit the market is The Push Money App system by Mike Callahan and Dennis Moreland which was released to the public this week. In this Push Money App review I walk you through the site and give you hardcore proof that it is a scam

Official Website:
CEO / Owners: Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan

First Impressions from My Push Money App Review

Very professional presentation not like alot of the Binary Options Scams we have seen lately. We are told that PushMoneyApp is a special kind of 60 second scalping system and we see “Dennis Mooreland” refresh his phone a few times showing jumps in the profits in teh account. As the video continues we are walked through a very nice looking mansion which looked very familiar and turns out it was also used in the free millionaire biz. The first video testimonial then tells us he is earning $1000 an hour after only 24 hours.. We are told the first few beta testers have all made over $500k in their first six months.. My scam senses are already tingling :)

What the PushMoneyApp Scam Promises

The system promises to make you millions of dollars on complete autopilot. They also hint that Dennis and his wife are some of the people in the support department as we see Dennis taking a call from a supposed customer called Alexa. If this guy is a multimillionaire then I highly doubt that he is taking support calls on his person phone from people using his magic system for free.

Proof That Push Money App is a Scam

Here comes the part you have all been waiting for, the proof that these guys are all lying and this is a big scam. First off there is the fake visitor counter that is telling you there are huge numbers of people currently filling in the form trying to get access. This is done to try and sweep you along so you think you have to act quick. In reality if you refresh your page or open the site in another tab you will see that this timer resets every time. Check out my video to see this.

This house is the exact same one that was used in a previous scam called the Free Millionaire biz, not completely damming  as they could have recently bought it but it does look suspicious.

In the sales video for Push Money App we also see them driving around in a few cars but none of the cars ever have any number plates on them?? Last time I checked number plates were required by law in all countries but correct me below if I’m wrong on that.

Now the most damming evidence of all.. Push Money App is able to freeze Time.. Well maybe not but that would be the only way to explain the screenshot below and also the live video I showed you. They show us some “live” footage from a room of beta testers and after 60 seconds of signing up they all start shouting about the great profits they have just made from Push Money Scam. When I looked closely at the times on everyone’s screens I could see the time was the exact same. How is that possible and it looks like the cameraman moves around the room to show everyone’s laptop screen.. The reason for this is that what we see on the “beta testers” screens is just fake and probably just a screenshot. Big slip up by that they forgot to change the time on the screenshots.. Think I’m getting good at this investigating :)

Check out the fake times in the screenshots from below

Push Money App Fake Proof

Push Money App Fake Proof 2

Push Money App Fake Proof 3

Conclusion on Push Money App

I am going to presume that I have given enough evidence on the Push Money App Scam that you will be staying away. Just to sum it up: fake counters showing how many people are filling out the sign up form, same house as a previous scam, no number plates on any of the cars we see them driving which is 100% illegal and also the most important one is the fake proof that they provide which I exposed by showing you that the time never changed on any of their screens.

Hopefully this has reached you in time and you haven’t been caught by these scammers. Please share to help save others as well.

Verdict: Yes Push Button App is a big fancy Scam!

If you are new to binary options then make sure you check out my full scam list and also the few systems that I trust here. I also recommend that everyone grabs a free demo account to trade with so you can get used to how Binary Options works. Get your free demo account with IQoptions here


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