Quantum Cash Machines Review Gives you the Truth – SCAM!

Quantum Cash Machine review exposes the truth about the Quantum Cash Machine Scam

Quantum Cash Machine System is one of the newest scams on the block. It’s actually a funny scam especially how the presenter keeps on reminding viewers how they will miss a spot if they do not sign up immediately. What we see in the video are just a few thrown in screen shots, two paid actors and claims that you can become very rich.
Well as you all know by now, we do not entertain hype. We deal with facts hence the Quantum Cash Machine review. We are acting on behalf of all our readers who have been asking questions. So go ahead and read as we expose this scam in the most objective way possible.

CEO: Chris Barnes

Official Site: quantumcashmachines.com

Results from Quantum Cash Machine Review

According to Chris, their software has been able to attract over 1500 members. He also does not hesitate to state that it took them over two years to work on the software. Chris wants you to put down your wallet but you need to do so quickly because there are only 50 spots remaining. Well this is the message everyday so it seems Chris is putting pressure on viewers so that he gets the money quickly. Put down your wallet but truth is once they are done with you, you will have nothing in your wallet.

Quantum Cash Machines

Ok let us forget the hype that Chris calls an explanation of how his software works. We tested the software and here is our synopsis. First and foremost this is a very well known software in the scamming circles.

Now Chris says that his software has the ability to go through and process information and make a decision on how to trade. There are very few people who have managed to successfully use such technology and from the testimonials on Quantum’s scam site, this is not one of them.

So what does Chris and team of fraudsters up to? Well these guys are affiliated to some backdoor brokers. These brokers need clients so guys like Chris are paid to direct clients towards them. The story about profits is as vague as the software itself.

Who is Chris Barnes name?

Quantum Cash Machines

Who is Chris Barnes? Well Chris is a lot of things but not a trading expert. He is an actor, a liar and a fraud. Why are we so certain that he is all of these things? If you have been reading our articles that expose scammers taking advantage of innocent traders then you must have read about Profits 4 Patriots scam. Guess who the CEO was. Yes you guessed it right. It is the same guy acting as Chris Barnes. In the Profits 4 Patriots he goes by the name Douglas Ward. If you haven’t read about Profits 4 Patriots then you better read it here because you will now get the humor. You see Chris Barnes and Douglas Ward share the same office. Seems it is the same scammers behind Profits 4 Patriots are behind Quantum Cash Machine.

As if that is not enough, check out the testimonials. They are also fake. The images on the Quantum site are nothing but stock photos from the internet. Innocent people do not know that their images are being used to endorse fake services. Not to forget the other two actors in the video who have been paid to lie blatantly.

Quantum Cash Machines

Is Quantum Cash Machines a Scam?

Yes, Quantum Cash Machines is clearly a scam. The software is championed by scammers; the testimonials have been paid for while the rest are images gathered from the internet. Chris Barnes does not exist. How can one man have two identities or he stole one? The pushy sales tactics. Why do you keep on telling people that time is running out since only a certain number of slots are remaining yet the very next day it’s the very same story all over again?

Conclusion from Quantum Cash Machines Review

Binary Options trading is a very lucrative sector but it does not come without risk; profits and losses exist but the other major risk is there are many major scammers entering the market. These scammers are confusing newbies who have an appetite for big money and the lie is that you can trade without experience. Trading is an investment and giving your money to Quantum Cash Machine is like throwing business capital to the dogs.

Verdict: We find Quantum Cash Machines to be just another scam.

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.


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