Resonance Capital Review Points to a SCAM

In this Resonance Capital Review I am going to make it very short and to the point. I have walked through all of the points below in detail in my Resonance Capital review video which is also below

CEO / Main Face: Maris Landsbergis
Product: Financial Investment Packages
Cost: From $25

Below is my details video review on Resonance Capital which outlines all my reasons for thinking Resonance could be a deadly scam

Results From My Resonance Capital Group Review

From the start I was a bit skeptical of resonance capital as soon as I seen their website as the people behind the system are not shown anywhere and that is always a red flag for me.

What Does Resonance Capital Offer

They are classing themselves as a financial investment company offering different t investment packages based on the amount you investment and a few other requirements.

Red Flags with Resonance Capital

Below are the red flags that jumped out to me in my investigation of the ResonanceCapital company.

  • There is no mention on the CEO or anyone below the company anywhere on the site except for Maris Landsbergis who we are told is the development director.
  •  I cannot find any record of Maris Landsbergis anywhere on the web except from people talking about Resonance Capital. No social media profiles or mentions anywhere is very suspicious to me in this day and age and I have a feeling he could be an actor but I don’t have proof of that yet.. He also isn’t a member of their VK page as you will have seen in my video above.
  • The main contact on their VK support group is Alexander Litvin and the only image of him we have is a stock image of a suit. Again this causes concerns as their is no transparency here
  • They give a financial licence showing they are registered with the Vanatu Financial Services Commission but as you seen in my video when I do a search on their website I can’t find the “Resonance Fund Management Limited” company or even the ID number shown on their cert which is 15039. Feel free to search here –

The image below shows the licence that was displayed on and my search on which doesn’t have that licence at all. To me this looks like a fake licence.

Resonance Capital Financial Licence

The image below shows the only contact that Resonance Capital have listed on their VK page ( Alexander Litvin using a stock image. Again not 100% proof Resonance is a scam but why are they so secretive and using fake pictures. What are they hiding?

Resonance Capital Support

Conclusion from Resonance Capital Review

So after all of that is Resonance Capital a scam? I can not say for 100% certainty but it does not look good for them and in my opinion it is all pointing to a scam. If you have other proof that proves they are real then please do share it as I would love to see it.

Advice: Looks like a scam to me but if you do go with them proceed with some serious caution


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