Shepard SDP Review Exposes Perry Shephard’s BIG Scam!

Shepard SDP Software Review exposes the Truth about the Shepard SDP Scam

Shepard SDP binary trading software is barely a few days old, and it is already going viral despite its clear fraudulent presentation. The software promises 100% win rate and a probability of turning you a millionaire in just a few months. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this software is just like any other binary trading scam presented to the public with the intent of defrauding them their hard earned cash.

But you don’t have to fall among the statistics or incur further losses if you have already invested in the system. This unbiased review examines the viability of all the software promises by exposing some of the outright misrepresentation of facts and plain lies this scam uses to get your money out of your pocket. Look at this article as a guard standing between you and the probability of falling prey to this well-orchestrated fraud.

CEO: Perry Shepard
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Results from Shepard SDP Scam Review

How does this review come to the conclusion that Shepard SDP is a scam? By employing logic as well as seeking expert opinion in evaluating all the promises and misrepresented facts put forward by its alleged developers. The “CEO,” Perry, starts off by informing everyone of how he teamed up with a group of elite coders two years ago and came up with a Systemized Digital Profits algorithm that enabled him to form the “small” Shepard SDP company.

 He wants everyone to believe that his software works with a 100% win rate and has never lost a trade in the entirety of its existence. He also argues that you are guaranteed returns running into thousands of dollars daily, a fact that will make you a millionaire faster than you ever imagined.

Additionally, he seeks to lure you further with the promise of doubling of your initial deposits. Plus according to him, he only needs 50 individuals from all walks of life without the necessity of previous trading experience to turn them into millionaires with his auto-trading binary option.

How true is this information?

The first bold lie in the Shepard SDP is the claim that the company was created two years ago. You might wonder; if it was formed two years ago, why is he only launching it today considering its ingenious performance? A quick domain-age-check fires the first scam warning shot when it reveals that was only registered in July 2016. Less than three months ago.

Secondly, the 100% win-rate lie is something every other scam uses while almost everyone knows it is practically impossible. Not even the most experienced Wall Street traders have been able to surpass the 80% win rate. The lie of never losing trade is age-old and has been peddled around by almost every other get-rich-quick scheme ever devised in the binary trade industry.

Shepard SDP Review

Thirdly, Shepard SDP isn’t the first, and neither will it be last to exploit the daily guaranteed returns fallacy. If you stick around the binary trading circles for long, you will see even more scams launched, and they will all employ this tune, just like numerous others shamed before them. Don’t fall for it, in this industry; even the geniuses get burned sometimes.

Additionally, to make it in this industry, you have to be smart and intelligent, and that involves reading between the lines. In such a case the websites introduction video should be your first lesson. Rewind that video again, and you will realize that this is a well-rehearsed and perfected script probably staged by some $5 actors from Fiverr. It doesn’t reflect a day in the life of a millionaire, but it is disheartening to know that there is someone who will still fall for it and see their savings wash down the drain.

shepard sdp scam

Who is CEO Perry Shepard?

This scam fronts an actor in the name of Perry Shepard as the CEO of the Shepard Systemized digital profits company. The name doesn’t, however, match any professional profile on major online networks thereby raising a red flag.


Is Shepard SDP a Scam?

Yes, every aspect of the site reviewed above points to the fact that Shepard SDP is just a scam. During my research I also found this scam exposed by Prestige Binary Options and Binary Options Opportunity so my advice is avoid this cheap scam.

Conclusion from Shepard SDP Review

Every promise and assertions of the Shepard SDP system software are questionable. This leads to the conclusion that this is just another fraudulent site aimed at exploiting innocent online traders. But this review lays it all in the open and saves you from falling into its trap. Just like the Instant Cash Profits and Polygraph Millionaire this is a scam

Verdict: The Shepard SDP trading software is a scam and Perry is trying to steal your money

Hopefully this SDP scam system hasn’t fooled you and you seen this review before joining. Please feel free to SHARE this post as well to save others getting caught by the scam. If you are looking for ways to make money then check out my Trusted System List which I have personally tried and tested.

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