I have tested and reviewed 100’s of systems when it comes to trading and as you will see on my blog and 99% of what I have looked at has been complete BS and doesn’t work. I have only found a few that actually made me and my subscribers money and lately this list has gotten smaller and smaller. There are a few decent signal services out there but what I always urge people to do is to learn to trade themselves as well so they are not depend on a system or anyone else. I know that is not always easy to do at first so that is why I have some resources below that should help.

Learn to Trade

Autotraders are great when they work but the problem is most of them fail over the medium to long term so I always encourage people to learn to trade themselves or take signals from professional traders and now I have a system that does all of that in one.

Copy Profit Share
Complete Binary and Forex education platform that has daily live trading webinars and also includes a 24/5 signal stream that calls signals all day long. There is also a very nice business opportunity attached to this too.
Full Review -> Copy Profit Share Review
Official Website -> JoinCPS.com


Forex Social Trade Copy

For Forex Social trading the best platform is eToro where you can copy expert traders and receive the exact trades they place in their account on your own account. Check them out here. I like this platform as you can see everything in real time and you have the option to follow as many traders as you want.


 If you would like me to check out any other system or service then let me know in the comments below