Social Tech Trader Review: Massive Scam Busted!!!

UPDATE: Since posting this I have been contacted by 2 of my subscribers to say they have joined and are making money so if you are also making money with this please let me know in the comments below

The Social Tech Trader is a new binary options trader that was recently launched by a company named social Trading Tech. The new system is being presented by a guy named Albert from the Social Trading Tech Company. Apparently, the new trading application is supposed to use the power of social technology or networking for successful trading. The system boasts of having manual as well as auto trading features. It can turn an investment of $250 into $19,749 within a couple of days. While all these claims may sound very sweet and lucrative, I can’t just buy it. There are numerous scams out there and this might just be one of them.

Official Site:
CEO: Albert <- Fake people sometimes only have one name 🙂

First Impressions from My Social Tech Trader Review

My first impression of the website that hosts this system raised suspicion that the Social Tech Trader is a Scam. The website is amateurish and lacks any sense of professionalism, which is typical of most binary scams that you will find out there. The guys presenting this crazy scam should have made an effort to spruce up the site and make it look more professional. May be that way they could manage to convince people to buy in to their lies and invest money in the service.

Another thing that actually reinforced my suspicions that the Social Tech Trader is a scam is the fact that the guy who is presenting the system in the video presentation does not bother to provide his second name. He just states that his name is Albert and has worked at JP Morgan, which is what almost every other binary trading application owner running a scam often claims. However, there is no way to confirm if these claims are true, and the claim that he has worked at a major financial institution such as JP Morgan is the oldest trick in the book of binary trading scams. Nearly every binary trading scam presenter makes such claims to convince the unsuspecting audience that they are dealing with an expert.

 What the Social Tech Trader Promises

 The outlandish promises that this system if offering just confirms that the Social Tech Trader is a scam. In the video presentation, the alleged founder claims that the Social Tech Trader technique has the ability to trade and achieve success on Arbitrage Strategy. This is a pure lie because anyone with the slightest knowledge about binary trading knows that no broker will ever allow someone to trade in binary options using the arbitrage Strategy, whether through manual trading or auto trading methods.

Findings that Show Social Tech Trader is a Scam

I found compelling evidence to show that the Social Tech Trader is a scam. For one, the owners of the application claim that their system was even endorsed by Fox Business as the most sophisticated binary trading system on the market. However, this is a false claim because at no one time in the history of Fox Business have they ever endorsed any such program. In case you want to confirm this, you can contact Fox Business directly and hear from them.

On the system’s website there is a box that is supposed to display live trades. Unfortunately, there is no indication of the trade price or even the name of the assets being traded. This makes it hard for anyone with a proper functioning brain to believe that a starting balance of $500 can generate $834,945.00 in profits through the Social Tech Trader software.  This is simply preposterous. Apparently, the application managed to generate these profits from 12,680 winning trades, while it has only experienced 394 losses since its inception. But don’t be fooled my friends. The supposed “Live Trades” box is not proof of any actual trades, but only a simulation, which I must say doesn’t do much to convince me that the Social Tech Trader software is legit.

Conclusion on the Social Tech Trader

Going by everything I established and just pointed out in this review and video, the Social Tech Trader is a scam. There are too many lose ends with this thing. The guy who presents the application doesn’t even bother to tell us his second name, yet he expects us to believe that he has been working with a reputable financial institution such as JP Morgan. Additionally, there are numerous inconsistencies and unfounded claims, as well as empty promises.

 My verdict: This is a crazy scam that will hardly convince anyone with binary trading knowledge to invest unless you are so stupid to believe the stupid lies being presented here.

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