Spectre System Scam Exposed With Proof

Lets start this review by telling you up front that the Spectre System is a SCAM! Please do take your time to read my honest review as I don’t want you to lose your money to any binary software scam.

My First Impressions on The Spectre System

Spectre system is a binary options product and the developer claims to been around since 2013. The developers of the spectre system also claim that it doesn’t take longer than 7 minutes to understand and comprehend  his secret that will enable traders earn over $15,000 in just a week, making us gain our  financial freedom, protecting our family from their predicted financial crash and they even said that it will make us become irresistible to the opposite sex :)

My Findings

The first lie our Spectre system review team detected was the claim by the system spectra scam developer that the site was around since 2013, and facts from whols.net revealed that it was created some weeks ago. This shows that Spectresystem.net had not been in existence before November 2015 as claimed by the spectre-system scam owner.  As you scroll down their site they show a live profits widget but after continuous refreshes of the page to check if we could have another pictures but nothing changed so they were too lazy to even change them. The Spectre-system scam site also got me confused about Maria from Poland but after a small search I see she is also called Angela Harvey on LinkedIn with her pictures on many other sites too, I’m quite sure that she is not called Maria or someone who has successfully traded with the Spectre System. Here is her linkedln proof (https://www.linkedin.com/in/harveyangela). Another actor is Lucy from Canada, who is also Jessica blog, here is the proof (http://styledin.com/Jessica-Boggs), same story here as I see her pictures posted in lots of different places with different names.

I don’t really need any more proof to tell me that the Spectre system is a scam. Ranging from the videos, fake member, website pages, fake founders and a lot more others. Probably the spectra system scam owners think people are really dumb to believe their obvious lies. Only newbies in the binary option world can fall cheaply for these tricks. I am 100% confident and without any doubt that Spectresystem.net is a scam site.

My Conclusion

With Fake identities and deceitful customer testimonies exposed through my spectra system review has shown that the spectra system method is not real and is now added to our list of harmful scams in our Blacklist.  If you’re a new to binary option trading, ensure to make a frequent visit to our site and don’t forget to check our Black Lists of scams to protect yourself and your money from scammers. Investing with Binary Options is a trusted way of making money but it is important you join a reputable Trading Services with a good reputations. We suggest you Use a Free Broker Demo Account when starting a new strategy or service. Spectra system scam is real! Avoid spectresystem.net. Don’t lose your money to this scam software. Thank you for reading our spectra system review. We are here to protect you.  .

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