Spey Invest Ltd Review – Daniil Solopov is a Scam!

The latest system to start going viral is the Spey Ltd Cryptocurrency trading platform that seemed to appear out of nowhere over the last few weeks. Due to alot of ongoing questions I decided to conduct a full Spey Ltd Review and give you my thoughts on whether Spey is a scam or if Daniil Solopov is out to help you earn money or just steal your money and run away.

Official Site: Spey.ltd
CEO: Daniil Solopov
Price: ‘investments’ ranging from $10 to $50,000
Promised Returns: 1% – 1.4% Daily

Below is my second video on Spey Invest after I found the shutterstock image that they are using for their made up CEO.

My Spey Ltd Review

My first starting position was to take a look over their website which at first is nice and professional but then again we have come to expect that in this day and age even from scams. Spey Ltd tells us that they are an international operator of Cryptocurrency Trading that specializes in trust management of finance, consulting and analytics of processes of cryptocurrency trading. Bit of a mouthful but that’s what they have written on their site.

What they Offer

They offer 3 plans that you can invest in which each last a different number of days and each give a different daily return based on the amount you invest.

Spey Ltd Plans

Who is the founder of Spey Ltd

The guy we are told is the founder is Daniil Solopov who can be seen in the image below along with a small bio about him. The problem I have here is that we can’t find any more info about him anywhere expect on the Spey website, no social media profiles or no news releases anywhere is a bit strange for someone who is heading up a company that is doing this well. I sent support an email which you can see in my video up above asking for more info on him and their trading history but after 2 days I still have no replies but if I get one I will update this post.

Daniil Solopov Spey Invest Ltd

After looking more into this guy I was able to find that the image used for Danilil Solopov is a stock image that they bought from Shutterstock and planted on their site with the SPey INvest Ltd logo. Check out the screenshot below of the image on shutterstock

Spey Invest Scam

The other name that has popped up is Francis Paul REEVES who is the name I found as the person who registered the company Spey Invest Ltd on the companies house in the UK. Yes the certificate of incorporation they show on their website is real which you can see in the link below but in reality anyone can register a company name. My question would be who is Francis Paul REEVES and why is Daniil Solopov’s name not down as an officer.

Link to their Certificate of Incorporation – https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10679570

Is Spey Ltd a Scam?

At this stage I don’t know is the honest answer. I would love to think this is the real deal and that your money will be 100% safe but that is never the case with any investment no matter what you are promised. In this case the outstanding questions for me are where s the proof of trading? Who is Daniil Solopov really, can we hear from him or talk to him?

Update – After finding out that Daniil Solopov is a stock image hence making him a make up person and also no replies to my emails to support I am calling Spey Invest Ltd a Scam

Conclusion from Spey Ltd Review

Hopefully this review has made everything a bit more clearer for you in your search to find of is Spey Invest Ltd a Scam. Whether you should join this company or not is completely up to you but from everything I have found out about Spey I wont be investing with them and I will be classing them as a scam. If you are going to join then my advice is to proceed with caution and like any investment only ever invest what you can afford to lose.

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