Stark Trading System is another SCAM!

In today’s review I’m looking at the Stark Trading System Scam which is another binary options autotrader that you need to avoid. Read my full Stark Trading Review to find out why..

Official Site:

Stark Trading System Scam

First Impressions of Stark Trading System

Very basic site and a big stupid promise in the headline saying that you will earn $8,000 in the next 24hours!.. I hope all of my subscribers know at this stage that anything that promises gains like that is something that you need to avoid. As you look further down you even see the “Millionaire Guarantee” – “By Accepting this offer you can be sure to make at least $8,000 per day on average”. This is totally unrealistic no matter what type of system you are using. I’m sure some of the top traders in the world have automated Forex EAs that can do it but they are definitely not been given away for free by fake actors like Richard Paul.

As the video starts it shows off with some news footage that has been used multiple times on different internet marketing offers and trading systems so I want to highlight that this is not specific to Stark Trading System. It even fires in a fake bank statement showing you big numbers in a bank account just to start plan info and dreams in your brain. We are then confronted with a fake fiverr actor “Richard Paul”who tests all currently Millionaires to leave the site as this isn’t for them.. We are then taken through a sob story about how bad things were for him a year ago until an old geek school who he used to protect contacted him to change his life with a magic trading system that will now change his life.

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I bet this bogus system will still be open in 3 months times with fake countdown clocks and numbers telling you there are only a few places left. If it was really that good the 50 spots would be snapped up already by the time you are reading this Stark Trading Review.

After doing my due diligence and research I couldn’t find any mention of Richard Paul or Antonio Stark anywhere except from victims of the scam or from blogs trying to sell it to you. All of the testimonials on the site all talk about making money but not 1 of them mentions the name Stark Trading so my suspicion is that they could be stolen or just generic happy customer testimonials.

My Video Review of The Stark Trading System Scam

The Funny Side of Stark Trading System

  • Richard Paul tells all Millionaires to leave the site as this isn’t for them… This is just some physiological rubbish and also anyone who has made money before will know this system is BS
  • The developer is called Antonio Stark.. Where have I heard that name before, O ya that Iron Man :) I’m sure the developers of this scam had a big laugh thinking up this name, maybe they were watching Tony Stark in Iron Man the night before making this scam..

Conclusion on The Stark Trading Scam

I’m sure by now you release that this is just a complete scam that you should avoid as it is full of fake actors, empty promises and it will just drain your bank account and leave you with empty pockets rather than the promised $8k a day. I will be adding this scam to my full scam list and I really hope you got to see my video or review before signing up and losing your money.

Verdict: Stark Trading System is not made by IronMan and you should fly away from this one

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Stark Trading System is another SCAM!
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