Step 2 Wealth Review Exposes Richard Williams Scam

Step 2 Wealth review exposes the truth about the Step 2 Wealth Scam

In the trend of faceless scams comes another one by the name Step 2 Wealth system.  You are promised that you will be making $10,000 per day. This is in fact an average figure and you are told you can make more. A secret group of the rich elite have decided to pity the common folk and add some fresh blood for the last time. Our readers want to know if this is factual or just another facade in the binary options world. Go ahead and read our objective Step 2 Wealth review and find out.

CEO: Richard Williams

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Results from Step 2 Wealth Review

First and foremost we have good reason to believe that Richard Williams and his team of swindlers are avid readers of binary option software reviews. This is because they have tried  to counter every fact with a lie.

The Step 2 Wealth Group does not exist. There is no such thing as a secret group of elite business people who want newcomers. What we get here is a lie to counter the question if they are so rich and have been in existence for over 4 years why have we never heard of them?

The next thing is the fact that we are being told in the video that we are able to make $10,000 daily. In the presentation video we also see a live demo by one of the traders who shows us the initial amount deposited is $250. The moment the trading starts and she checks in the next day she has only made $300. Even after 4 days she has not reached the so called $10,000 per day target. It is also known that this is a simulated demo and not actually what happens on the ground.

Step 2 Wealth Review

There are lots of video testimonials that speak greatly of this trading system. Do not fall for this cheap marketing trick. These are just actors for hire doing what they do best. In fact the actors hail from Fiverr. People do pay for advertisement but here we see people paid to lie. Advertising means spreading the word but with Richard what we see here is the sale of a false guarantee.

Step 2 Wealth Scam

Richard assures us that their double inspection method has been working for them all along and they have gotten nothing more than positive results. In short what he is saying is that their system gives %100 profit. Other than that there is no proper explanation of how the software works. We are only reminded how being wealthy is a deal breaker. It should also be noted that no binary options trading software can operate at a %100 level.

Do you know why every genuine trading platform usually recommends starting off with a dummy account? It is so that a new trader can get to learn the ropes. Richard on the other hand pushes aside this important trading aspect and says learning is not important since their workforce will do the work for you. He also adds that nothing affecting the market can affect their system’s operations. This is a lie since nobody is in charge of the market and no one can predict the future accurately, everyday for 4 years.

Who is Richard Williams?

Step 2 Wealth Richard Williams

Richard Williams is a character embedded in the video to serve as the role of CEO. truth is that Richard Williams does not exist. The presentation video is actually a slide show where videos, photos and an audio recording have been out together. Richard might say he should be secretive but who are they accountable to?  If you are secretive and so is your organization why aren’t the faces of your reviewers hidden?

Is Step 2 Wealth a Scam?

Step 2 Wealth system is a scam and it is so for the reasons stated above and so much more. Other binary options scams you should avoid are Guaranteed Money System, Fintech Profits and CFD Society

Conclusion from Step 2 Wealth Review

The binary options industry sadly seems to be flooded by the fakes rather than the genuine trader platforms. Step 2 Wealth is one of them. We do know that they are involved in a vigorous marketing campaign and advice. Do not subscribe or sign up. How can one be safe from such scammers? Well simply get all the information you can and when you note even the slightest red flag, stop on your tracks.

Verdict: The Step 2 Wealth trading system is a scam

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.

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