Sydney System Scam Review: Filthy Scam Exposed

Sydney System is a new binary options auto-trader that was released a couple of days ago into the binary options trading industry. The service is introduced by the alleged Robert Hockton and so far a number of people have already complained about losing their money with the system. In this honest review, I will expose the truth behind the Sydney System scam, and there’s lots of evidence to show that it is just another stupid scam aimed at misleading innocent traders into depositing their money with this vicious scam.

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CEO: Robert Hockton

What the Sydney System Scam Promises

One of the disturbing facts about the Sydney System Scam is the outlandish promises and retarded claims they are making. The most conspicuous red flags that I found with this service are the incessant claims and promises right from the beginning of the video presentation that you’ll become a millionaire and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. The stupid thing begins with promises of tens of thousands of dollars and then it rapidly escalates to hundreds of thousands. Before you realize it, they are talking of making millions! That is just dumb and crazy! This is a sales tactic that is clearly aimed at luring unsuspecting potential day traders into signing up quickly without thinking about the legitimacy of the system, and this is typical of most scams that I have reviewed in the past. They always toy with people’s emotions and capitalize on people’s greed.

My Opinion on the Sydney System Scam

 Immediately I got to the part of the video where the lady in a blue top is talking more about the Sydney System software, I hit pause because the girl is a known Fiverr actress who goes by the name/handle of kymmypops. I have seen her on so many scams and she was even the main character in one of the scams called Profit with Cindy. When I went to Watchdog, I found that the Profit with Cindy scam had been exposed. This was just before I started doing reviews on all these scammers. You can be sure there are more Fiverr actors in that video too.

When I scroll down the page, I realized that the Sydney System scam is also a rip off of the Aussie System/Aussie Method. It’s all the same guys, the same scammers behind all this that stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from people. Then you scroll further down to the image of the guy who’s supposed to be the main guy behind the system, Robert, but when I did a search on the image guess what? The same guy appears on another stock image. In fact it is a raw transfer of the exact image from the Rome-Airport-Transfer website. This just shows that if the members in there are lying and using stock images, they should not be trusted.

Although I haven’t looked up all their identities, most of the photos of the alleged successful members of the Sydney System are probably stolen. Again, when I tried to check out the social feedback section on the website I could not click on any of the icons and links and you can see that it’s all just a fake. They are only trying to convince you to sign up. When I did a simple quick search on one of the images of the many alleged female members, I was pretty sure she has been in some scams before. Actually I discovered she has been in many things. She appears under different names on various websites.

Further down to the frequently asked questions section there are more images of fake people posting fake questions. In fact, the guys behind the Sidney System scam are so dumb that they used the same image on the frequently asked questions section under different names. Take for example Roger from USA. His image is the same one that has been used for the image of Alan from the UK right at the beginning of the frequently asked questions section.

Conclusion on the Sydney System Scam

Simply put, this is something that you should avoid. The Sydney System scam is in fact one of the lowest of scams that I have come across. These guys just can’t get anything right. They are using Fiverr actors, fake names, fake identities, and fake founders to promote their service and offer ridiculous promises about the kind of money you can make with this system. To make matters worse, they have the audacity to put the same image under different names on their home page. This is so dumb and just shows that the Sydney System is a filthy scam that you should stay away from right now !!.

Verdict: Avoid all Aussie, Sydney, London etc Systems as they are all SCAMS!!


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